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If schools continue as stand-alone insular institutions they will continue to be dealt out of the play - what do you reckon?

Mal Lee and Roger Broadie have written an article entitled, "The Impact of the Unintended on the Digital Education of the World’...", which draws from their research. The article describes an alternative perspective to that suggested by many education authorities and global government agencies.

An excerpt from their article illustrates some of the key points they make:

The prevalence of the unintended, the naturally evolving, is a new reality, a major variable that needs to be better understood by all associated with the education of the world’s young. While the focus here is on the megatrends, the Digital Revolution has impacted every facet of the lives of the world’s peoples, fundamentally changing the way all ages and organisations go about their daily business. That now begins with the opening of the apps, and not the newspaper. Not even schools can escape that impact.

The implications for the governments, education authorities, schools and education researchers of the world are particularly profound. Any who have worked in education, and particularly educational administration and research, will be aware of the belief by those in government, the bureaucracy and school leadership that all operations must be planned, documented, reported upon, evaluated and quantified, with nothing left to chance. Allied was the premise that all change had to be linear in nature and controlled. There was – and is today – no place for natural evolution, unintended benefits or non-linear development. Any who have readied a grant’s, innovation or a research bid will be aware of the mindset, the detail required and the underpinning idea that every outcome can and must be identified.

They will need to acknowledge the natural unintended evolution, recognise they can only ever shape the megatrends, acknowledge they are part of a networked society and appreciate that if schools continue as stand- alone insular institutions they will continue to be dealt out of the play.

(Lee, & Broadie, 2017,

What are your thoughts and experiences? What do you reckon about Lee and Brodie's take on governments, education authorities, schools and education researchers?

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Comment by melvin din on September 24, 2017 at 17:56

It is good to collaborate with likeminded professionals who will make you move in the right direction to gain optimum momentum to bring about the desired change. 

the Kahui Ako initiative of the MOE is going to help many COL to collaborate through sharing specialist teachers and create rich learning experiences. 

In my mellow yellow years , i am talking more about  creating learning experiences to create learning memories and less about ' academic excellence ' which is fast becoming an irrelevant pursuit. 

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