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Yes, it's true, I'm a genius! How do I know this? because Facebook told me so it must be true. Apparently my geniusness (my own word - because I'm a genius and allowed to make up words) is demonstrated in my ability to notice the missing number in this sequence and type it in the comments below. 

Or because I can think of a word that starts and ends with T, as apparently less than 10% of the population can do this. The thousands of people gleefully posting their word in the comments below are apparently also geniuses as are those who, like me, can find the number 1 in a sea of 7s or solve this puzzle that has the internet baffled. 

Once my geniusness has been confirmed I could of course post an "Amen" for the poor sick child or the animal that has been cruelly mistreated, because I wouldn't be so heartless as to scroll past without liking, sharing and commenting. Because everyone knows that God will only save the child or animal if I post to Facebook and the post gets over 5000 likes.

Or maybe I can win one of 500 BMWs or the 1000 Round the world trips in the competition by just liking and sharing the page, the one that was only created a few weeks ago. It is a shiny,new page so it must be legit, right?

Joking aside, I am pretty sure that all the above are just "like farming" or setting me up for some sort of scam. But over and over I see them in my feed because a friend has liked, commented, shared or copied and pasted. So it is working for the scammers.

Then there are the "copy and paste, don't share" posts". Thanks to Allanah King for sharing this article which confirmed for me the reasons why I never do this.

It's pretty simple to stop these scammers in their tracks. All we have to do is think for a minute before we like, share etc that post. Think about why they might be posting/asking you to do this and ask ourselves is it true/real? How can I find out? While you are at it apply the same questions to any "news" you see posted.

Cross-posted from my Inquiring Mind blog.

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Comment by Jan-Marie Kellow on July 20, 2017 at 14:52

Anything that asks me to forward something to 10 people is just a chain letter in electronic form. I never forwarded those either.

Comment by Hazel Owen on July 20, 2017 at 14:18

Thanks for a valuable, informative post ... that also had me laughing a lot!! :D The serious side is, as you point out, the unscrupulous people who benefit, and the people who are harmed through scams.

The one I find most difficult to ignore is that which asks me to like the message from a friend (usually about friendship), and forward it to 10 other people to let them know you are thinking about them. I find my finger hovering to click - and then common sense kicks in and I realise I can send my lovely friends a quick message or image to let them know they are in my thoughts. 

Thanks again for sharing Jan-Marie - you're a gem!! :D

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