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How To Strengthen Your Credentials - 5 Career Tips

This month we have a post that has been written by Ashley Limpan, that is highly relevant to anyone looking for a career in the medical field. It also has some useful tips for pretty much anyone starting out in a career, or planning their next career move.

Ashley is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion in providing creative solutions for building brands online. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches. 

A Solid Career

To make money doing something you love and are qualified for, is something of a dream. But it’s a dream that is achievable, provided an individual is passionate enough to push through the uphill climb it takes to attain said dream’s pinnacle.

With that in mind, the following are five tips to help you strengthen credentials pertaining to your career. This will solidify your position, and enable you to more fully flourish.

1: Have An Objective In Mind

You need to have an objective to meet your goal. For example, if you want to be a doctor, you need to get through primary and secondary education. To do that you need to secure funding, which means, for a while at least, you’ll have some secondary occupation. That occupation will need to give you requisite resources and necessary time.

2: Get Advice From Reliable Authorities

You can’t advance in a vacuum. Everybody needs leadership. Everybody needs a mentor. But bad leadership will keep you from meeting your objective, and instead lead you along the way to another objective which isn’t the one you’re seeking, and may not be one you want. Find those in whom you can trust to advance your career, and follow their advice.

3: Get Hired By The Right People

This one dovetails from the last. Once you’ve got the proper credentials for a career, you’ll find those credentials are weakened if you choose a bad employer. So you need choice, and the more the better—this will help you hit your target.

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(Read more here - source:

4: Avoid Being Static: Learn Continuously

Really strong credentials don’t hit a single point and stop, they continue to expand with life. Individuals aren’t meant to find a singular cruising altitude and remain there. Humankind is meant to continue their growth. If you want your credentials to be the most reliable, they should be buffered by an increasing skillset related to your chosen field.

If you’re a doctor who specializes in ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) solutions, for instance, you may want to branch out into other traumas and diseases related to the head, or the mind. Take the jaw, for example: TMJ (temporomandibular) makes a “popping” sound as the jaw gets out of alignment. Working with a patient to fix this can be highly rewarding, and a fine addition to an ENT practice.

5: Diversify

If you’re hired by the right people, have an objective in mind, get advice from reliable authorities, and continue to learn, you’ll be well-suited to diversify. Diversification of your professional portfolio lends exceptional credence to your credentials. Think of it as fully unlocking an achievement, and taking the next logical step.

If you learn to play the piano such that you can play a song in your sleep, branch out to the guitar. Once the guitar is conquered, branch out into vocal disciplines. From there, get into percussion.

Before you know it, you can be your own band—provided you’ve got the proper learning on a computer to apply such knowledge. It’s the same with any occupation. Similarly situated disciplines lead to easier diversification, and so increased credentials which have exceptional experience backing them.

Strong Credentials

If you want to be an individual established in a given career, you must establish solid credentials. Establishing them isn’t done all at once, but rather is an ongoing process which requires  forward learning and expansion over time. So figure out your objective, get the right advice, find the best employer, expand your skillset, and diversify.


All images were provided by Ashley Limpan. Please contact her directly for any questions about copyright.

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