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How are eLearning and zero unemployment for youths linked?

Eddie Reisch shared the link to this TVNZ feature (click here to watch) on youth unemployment in New Zealand and what can be done to address the issue. The example of Otorohanga, which has almost zero youth unemployment at a difficult time, is explored briefly with some interesting findings around the importance of mentoring students, and supporting them through their first period of work -  as well as involving and trusting the local community. There is also a discussion around the fact that it is easier to support youths if they can be engaged fully in learning before they leave school - in fact before there is an issue. ELearning is suggested as a way of encouraging student engagement, and this has found to be pretty effective where schools also alter the way they teach.


Click HERE to watch the video.


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Work is not the opposite of play by opensourceway

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