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Grappling with staying safe online? Try the Grapple Challenge game.

Derek Wenmoth shared the following online safety, interactive game, writing:

It's a cyber-safety resource developed by an Australian company that I linked with in Tasmania....They have produced a number of interactive resources like this, many focusing on cyber safety and cyber citizenship...[and] the Australian government paid for one of their products to be made available free to all schools.

So I went and had a play. I was hooked, and really enjoyed the environment, the game aspect (you get points and bonus points), the opportunity to learn from errors (you get more chances with similar scenarios), and it was also a great way to check my own knowledge about staying safe online. You could use the game in a collaborative environment, and add a competitive edge by asking users to share (and get better) scores. It was suggested that the game would be suitable for children from about year 4 to 5 upwards, and I would add, for adults too! 

A couple of slightly irritating features for me were sometimes the task was a bit unclear (but could just be me!) - and this meant that you would get an incomplete response and be given another opportunity to respond - not so helpful if you're not sure exactly what is required. In this case the tool stopped testing what the player knew about staying safe in the online environment, and started to test familiarity with interactive task interfaces.

It was also pointed out by Anne Sturgess in the discussion that followed Derek's initial sharing that "I didn't notice whether or not there was an opportunity for players to find out what they could do to ensure they made the correct choice in a real situation (e.g. checking security on an online shopping site)". On the whole though - a big thumbs up.

Derek would be keen to receive any feedback you may have about your experiences with the Grapple challenge, so if you post comments below, I'll be sure to pass them on :-)

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