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Flying… blogging… hand in hand again….

What a week… and oh, it is only Wednesday! 
This is the week, I am taking back control of my life.  It is amazing how transformational it is to just write that down and say it out loud!
For the last few weeks I have been feeling increasingly snowed under, and pressurized in the feeling of playing catchup! Many things have aligned to bring about the necessary change, not least of which is due to the fabulous mentoring by Hazel.  As part of my role I am a developing mentor and as such I am mentored! These sessions are transformative.  I have said and will say again that at times Hazel is like my lifeline.  
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB!!! I really love it, in fact maybe that is part of the problem. When you love what you are doing it is incredibly easy to keep doing, do more, say yes, add on more and just keep adding to the list.  Suddenly I began feeling like I was playing catchup and I had an incredibly déjà vu feeling and I realised it is time to wake up.  I am no good to anyone, or anything when I am less than 100% for everything.  Time for a deep reflection and re-prioritising.  I needed to take back control! 
When I reflected on my roles I saw a real drift from the proactive leader quadrant to the reactive management quadrant of life.  I find everything much more of a challenge when it is reactive. 
So, I have set some firm boundaries with myself!  I am taking back control!  I am saying, YES, I do have time for that reading – because that reading is my work. I am saying I do have time for those mentoring modules because those modules are my work.  I am saying I do have time for powering down and spending quality time with my nearest and dearest, because they are my life.
If I was in class, I could not ever imagine saying, I don't have time for planning, I am too busy teaching.  Just as in this role, I cannot say I don't have time for reading, gathering evidence and detailing my inquiry, because my inquiry is my work. 
I know that because of my nature and the nature of my work, I will slip back but for now, I am in control!!!!

As I fly today, I am up above the clouds, the air is clear and the view amazing!  Like life, there is a clearing and a beautiful view when we are in control of our workload, our commitments, our life! 

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Comment by Anne Kenneally on April 28, 2014 at 21:22

Hi Hazel,

Thank you very much for the comment!  

I am indeed making small, sustainable changes!  So far SO GOOD!  We had a fabulous long family weekend!  We spent loads of time in the garden which was very needed, and very therapeutic! We had a couple of awesome family dinners and loads of great times.  We had one very very sad funeral - but even that had some MAGIC moments.  The celebrant challenged us to live our lives to the full, to make the most of every day to honour the short life lost! 

I have made HUGE progress with my blogging - mainly thanks to you inspiring me with live blogging.  

My two days last week at the GAFE summit were amongst the best PD days ever! 

I have also set up my Inquiry site and started on my DVM Modules....

I anticipate keeping making small, incremental positive changes that soon become habits!



Comment by Hazel Owen on April 28, 2014 at 19:34

Thank you so much for posting, Anne! And for sharing.

Nigel Marsh (mentioned in this post with a link to his TED Talk) suggests that we need to make small, sustainable changes that will, cumulatively, make a massive difference. At which point, for me, the light went on. This means, as well as working on a range of strategies and skills, I can turn my computer off half an hour earlier and go for a walk, or take a lunch break away from my computer and feel comfortable reading something that I really want to rather than feel I need to. This approach feels way more achievable than several other alternatives I've considered in the past :-)

I also can't wait to catch up with you again to see how your taking back control is continuing to go. Are you getting to do those readings? Are you spending more time with your family? How are you working through the inevitable push-back? And, how are you making sure you don't slip back into familiar habits? So - would love to hear how things are going (reflections, advice, suggestions for other folk facing similar challenges?) - pretty please...if you have time ;-p 

As an would be good to hear more about the Google for Education Summit (#gafesummit) :-) - loved following your Tweets and your live blog posts!

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