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Flipping out about the 21st Century Fluency Project

The wonderful Vicki Hagenaar shared the following link to what I found an insightful resource. I was particularly taken by the post "The truth about flipped classrooms", which addresses some of the myths and misconceptions around the flipped approach. I agree with Vicki that this a resource worth spending some time exploring. Vicki made the following comment when she shared originally:


I have spent some time this evening making sure I am happy with the Professional Reading I am to present to my team tomorrow and have stumbled onto this for those of you looking into flipped classrooms.

You may need to join before you can access - it is well worth the up to date info that will come to you:) (source)

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Comment by Hazel Owen on August 19, 2012 at 17:45

One of the things I love about being of a 'connected world' is that there are so many things to find out about...and each one I feel helps me think more deeply, and add another puzzle piece to my grand education puzzle (especially good when you find a blue sky bit :-p)! The other thing that appeals are the variety of voices, often in the glorious stereo and HD video and from the comfort of my chair in front of the wood-burning stove, that I have access to, many of who have a direct impact on my own professional practice - especially when I have the opportunity to then have a conversation about ideas - online or face-to-face.

So much to learn, as you say.... :-)

Comment by John Birnie on August 19, 2012 at 16:01

"Flipped classrooms" was a new term to me. Interesting stuff from the Fluency Project - their notes on the different "fluencies" were really helpful. So much to learn...

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