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First time principal...setting targets in a post NS world!!

So NS has gone...and I couldn't be happier...and nor could my team.

But this has left a bit of a dilemma that we have wrestled with all summer...what to do...I personally get the feeling ( and from my online communities of principals I don't think it is just me) that we are all having mixed feelings...we are ebullient to have the freedom to get back to what we know is best for kids and their whanau..but we also are a bit like sheep that have escaped the paddock..we are bouncing around joyfully..but know that any minute the farmer is going to round us up and pen us in again!

for us in our little bit of utopia we have spent a long time as a team building a vision that we hope will evidence acceleration..and at the same time has a clause that allows us to be creative, innovative and able to respond immediately to the complex needs of our learners

Now here is to achieving the outcomes we have aimed for..bring it on

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