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Exploring wiki technology in teaching and learning (Michael Verhaart, DEANZ 2010)

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Michael Verhaart (EIT, Hawkes Bay) demonstrated his the wiki site that he uses with his students. He was able to show that wiki technology was suitable for delivering content for blended learning, deliver a wide range of media, allows students to extend content, and is inclusive of new technologies.

The presentation that Michael gave was based in his wiki. He used a plugin tool to zoom into the wiki page so that the text was visible. He emphasised that he believes students have as much to contribute as he does, and uses the technologies to empower them and encourage learners to contribute as much as possible.

It was refreshing to see someone walking the walk as part of their presentation, and to have the nerve to trust the technology not to let him down during his presentation. (I didn't have the guts!!). Also, Michael's enthusiasm was infectious, but what he was saying was obviously based on sound theory, research, practice...and heaps of experience.
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