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Exciting New Initiatives in Gifted & Talented Education!

Many thanks to Anne Sturgess who shared this giftednz update. It has an update on the APEX Journal of Gifted Education conference edition, as well as links to range of resources and an invitation for members to take part in a survey. Anne advises "The revised MOE Handbook is worth downloading - happy reading folks".

Gifted and Talented Students: Meeting their Needs in New Zealand Schools

Click here to access the newly revised Ministry of Education handbook on gifted and talented released today! Attached is a memo from the Ministry summarising changes made and which we invite you to share with your colleagues and networks.

APEX: The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education Conference Issue

Click here to read the special issue of APEX which features a compilation of papers from presentations made at our 2012 conference, including Assoc Prof Jill Bevan-Brown’s Te Manu Kotuku Lecture.

Twice-Exceptional Special Interest Group

A survey for all members is available. Click here to complete it. We need to hear from you so we can develop a plan that meets your professional needs.

International Week of the Gifted Blog Tour 2012

Click here to discover the fabulous stories and ideas being shared by other professionals working with gifted and talented students in New Zealand and beyond! This is a fantastic online build up to 2013 – the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity when New Zealand will be hosting the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Conference.


The last issue is available online here and highlights many professional learning and development opportunities – regionally and nationally. The newsletter is a benefit for our members, but this issue is being shared more widely as part of the International Week of the Gifted. Please pass it on!

Survey of All Schools in New Zealand

All schools in New Zealand were invited by email on Monday to participate in a replication of the Ministry of Education funded study conducted by a Massey research team in 2003-4. This 2012 survey hopes to discover where we are now a decade, determining areas of growth over the last decade, as well as areas in need of further development. If your school would like to participate in the study, please email Dr Tracy Riley by clicking here.

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