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Engaging students through e-Learning and better school to work pathways

Clarence Yates shared this post with another community we are both members of. He writes:

This report .... is certainly a report to read through especially when we are looking at the engagement of our students at school and how e-Learning can play a role here. Thanks to the New Zealand Institute who agreed that we could share this report here. However it is still very relevant at this time and probably in the near future. Rick Boven, Director of The NZ Institute in ... more ladders.fewer snakes examines why NZ has one of the worst youth unemployment rates in the OCED and why e-learning and creating better school-to-work pathways could make a real difference in the future. Keeping young people engaged and at school means they will be more effectively prepared for work and less likely to become unemployed. Many school leavers are not successfully progressing from school to tertiary education or work. Dr Rick Boven speaks about this report in an audio recording Radiolive interview ... If you want more information please contact:

Dr Rick Boven, Director, The New Zealand Institute (Ph: 09 309 6230 Email:


More Ladders Fewer Snakes


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