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This was a session facilitated by Clarrie Yates a while back. I live blogged as we went along, but Blogger had a wee hiccup - or maybe something else happened! Needless to say, I lost an entire hour's blogging! Ah well, when it works it works well it's fabulous, when it doesn't it makes you want to tear your hair out and test the aerodynamics of your computer.

So, this will be a rather abbreviated overview of the session rather than anything more in depth. Instead I would encourage you to dip into the recording of the session here:


A bored person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are interested in continuing and contributing to the the discussion, Clarrie has created a pretty extensive resource with suggestions and strategies here:

The session was very worthwhile with a large amount of discussion and sharing. If you are looking for some ideas around why learners might be reluctant and/or disengaged, and some strategies as an educator that you might apply, this is a useful recording and set of resources are useful to dip into.

It would be excellent to hear more about how students might be empowered - perhaps through the design of the course, and shifting the current paradigms of formal versus informal learning. So please jump in with experiences and ideas of your own, as well as links to resources.

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