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Do you really know HOW to get the best search results out of Google? Some tips

I must admit, I learned a few things about searching with search engines like Google, and I thought (rather arrogantly ;-p) I was a bit of a power user. Apparently not...!

Have a look at this infographic by and see if you come away with anything. Please add to the comments if you have any other tricks and tips you'd like to share.

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Comment by Hazel Owen on November 5, 2013 at 14:41

@Madelyn - thanks heaps for the encouraging comments and very useful keyboard shortcuts; @Monika thanks for the shortcuts...and I wonder why the infographic wouldn't print out? (but I loved your work around); @Richard...really pleased you found it useful, and thanks for taking the time to comment; and @Leigh...I have a big smile - what a great place to put an infographic!

For you lovely folk, and for anyone else who is a fan of keyboard shortcuts, I came across this (quite extensive) list of shortcuts that work in any browser. So, @Madelyn you should be able to keep your hands firmly on your keys for most things from now on ;-p!! 

xx Hazel :-)

Comment by Leigh Hynes on November 5, 2013 at 13:46

Great infographic, easy to understand and reminded me of lots of things I have forgotten about.  I need to post this on the toilet door or somewhere where my poor old brain can be trained into thinking - "Smartsearch"

Comment by Monika Kern on November 4, 2013 at 13:52

Very cool, thanks for sharing, I knew quite a few but not all :) On a windows PC screenshots work via Function+PrintScreen for the whole screen and Alt+Function+PrintScreen for your active window. On a Chromebook it's Control+Display, and on the iPad HomeButton+PowerButton.

I printed a copy of the Infographic to show my schools, to get print out legible I opened it in Paint and printed as 1to7 - still some funny cut offs, but it's legible. Enough techie trivia from me, I better go and apply my new Googling skills!

Comment by Richard Jones on November 4, 2013 at 12:31

Great post Hazel ! I knew there had to be more than just your average Boolean search tips. I just didn't know what else there was now. Thank you.

Comment by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie on November 3, 2013 at 15:16

Another GREAT newsletter just arrived, Hazel - I wish I had the time to read everything you profiled.  What a great group is collecting here!

I started with the Google tips because I'm always excited about working more efficiently.  If YOU learned something, I was pretty sure I would find value in the time spent.  I did! 

The dictionary ("define:") and the unit converter (for metric to US measurements especially) were new to me, and will get lots of usage, I'm sure.  The Google Scholar review was all new info - and I'm grateful to have it here - I'm bookmarking!

I'm a champion keyboarder (only begrudgingly taking my hands off the home row to mouse around), so I already knew the keyboard shortcuts. I got a hit of feel-good as I powered through the review.  But I did NOT know that command+L to jump to the address bar.  Handy tip!

Thanks for posting.

My tip:

Here's a keyboard shortcut I use constantly:

  1. command+A (think "all") to highlight an entire doc,
  2. then command+C ("copy")
  3. then locate the cursor where you want the new text (any doc that takes text)
  4. command+V to paste (think of the insertion mark editors of old used manually)



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