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Could competency based learning form the basis for reform in higher education?

Richard Elliott in his eLearning Watch for June (which you can subscribe to here), had a great range of links to resources, ideas, and events. One that I particularly enjoyed was his recommendation to try the blog, Online learning insights: A Blog about Open and Online Education, written by Debbie Morrison. 

Richard showcased Debbie's post The Next Big Disruptor – Competency-based Learning?, describing it as "An interesting and thought provoking article and one that is worth reading.It might give you some ideas on how your next curriculum project will evolve. Some more useful stuff to explore on the site as well".

I felt that the points Debbie makes chime in well with the notion of personal learning networks and environments, and some of the high quality Open courses and institutions that have appeared. She also asserts that "online learning won’t be the catalyst, but competency based learning will be -  how learning is assessed and degrees are granted will be the impetus for change".

Time will tell, and there has been a lot of discussion around the next big disruptor, but this one may well be 'on the money'.

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