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Here are useful goal setting guidelines from an online course I am taking.

These go wider and deeper than just writing a wishful ideal.
Typically those kinds of New Years resolutions do not last.

If you like these then explore the site. There is much value there. Brain Johnson has granted me a scholarship three times. During his lessons he refers the more than 100 books he studied.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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Comment by John S. Oliver on January 1, 2013 at 15:57

Here are some more helps.

Hey there,

In order to get this goal-party started in 2013, we figured you'd enjoy being hooked up with some tools to help you make 2013 the happiest year of your life.

Sound good? :)

Here's the super-simple spreadsheet that Brian (and many en*theists) will be using to track our goals. Customize it to fit your own!

» Spreadsheet: Goal Tracking

These are some other cool worksheets we created to help you get clarity on how all this goal-goodness fits into YOUR life:

» Worksheet: Eulogy Exercise

» Worksheet: 5 Wishes

» Worksheet: Best Selves Diary 

» Worksheet: Character Strengths

» Worksheet: Roles and Goals

Here's to rocking 2013 and making it our happiest and healthiest year yet (while supporting others in doing the same)!

Big hugs from the entire en*theos team! 

Happy New Year! :)


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