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Classroom game design...and thoughts about ePortfolios

Vicki Hagenaars shared this thought-provoking video (that was originally shared here). She stumbled across the video while preparing for a conference presentation, and writes that "I like the ideas he has had and will think seriously about incorporating some of them as my school now moves into a more portfolio based system from a teacher driven one" [emphasis not in the original]. 

In the comments that followed the original blog, Merryn Dunmill writes

What a great example of truly reflective practice Paul Anderson shares here. It's a great narrative about his journey and I love the focus at the end on his own failures (just as he heralds the students experiencing failure to learn to learn, gain success and power over their learning). He nails so many key strategies, always with the students (and increasingly focusing on EACH student) at the centre. A must to watch and thanks for sharing. [emphasis not in the original].

Thank you Vicki and Merryn :-p

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