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I got a timely email from Jeff Grant fromComparitech (who provide some excellent comparative reviews of, for example, antivirus software), giving me the heads up that this week marks the 8th annual Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information.

To mark the occasion, and to do their bit for the cause, they have designed and launched a new quiz: “Can you outsmart an identity thief?”.

Here’s the link - Please jump in and do the quiz...and maybe share your results in the comments below. 

The premise is simple, they present some everyday scenarios that you are likely to have already experienced, or have heard friends or family talk about. The quiz then gives you potential options to choose. The correct answer...and the explanation why it's important to do / not to do something - plus some extra advice is given after you answer each question. The idea is to encourage you to stop and think about your actions - and  to protect your identity.

If you would like to find out more about some of the 'why', this TED talk by James Lyne is well worth a watch, as it has some helpful ideas as well as more background information ... and a demonstration of how hackers might access and steal your identity.

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