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Having got to know the special education needs of the students I work with I discovered that they do not cope with getting their work incorrect or wrong. I have observed examples of students finding ways to cheat, waiting for you to give them the correct answer, or they give up or they act out when they are unable to complete a task and some do not show any resilience to what they see as “failure.” 

This is common for students who are on the Autistic Spectrum and present in varying degrees.  In my experience ASD students learn best using visual and/or kinesthetic strategies as some have auditory processing difficulties.

Focus for my teaching as inquiry?

To enable students on the ASD to develop strategies and increase resilience when they get things wrong.

How could I do this? 

Within my programme develop activities that are engaging, challenging with a problem solving focus, within a safe environment to learn problem solving strategies and increase resilience. Specific problem solving exercises through literacy and numeracy tasks such as Problem Solving task cards, Escape Rooms and Who Dun It stories /jigsaw puzzles and through the use of the MakerSpace.

In life, the students are faced with frustration and challenges that they will need to overcome to have success. Maybe they will use the strategies they learn doing these activities......... watch this space.....

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Comment by Hazel Owen on May 15, 2018 at 15:17

Really enjoyed reading your post Lorraine - thanks for sharing. I hadn't really considered that some students may not find it comfortable in the face of what they see as 'failure'. From what I read from the strategies and approaches you describe, you are supporting your students to work through more 'fuzzy' tasks, where a 'correct' outcome is not the goal, but rather it's the complex, layered nature of the tasks that help students be in the fun of the learning 'journey'. Really looking forward to reading about how your students respond, especially with building their resilience.

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