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Another tool to help online collaboration: Track changes in Google Docs

Do you use Google Docs a lot? Were you desperate for track changes as a key thing that was missing for Google Docs? Well feel desperate no longer. Google track changes are now available.

Admittedly, they aren’t quite as powerful as the Microsoft Word equivalent, but they do enable you to see what changes have been made, and to choose on a case-by-case basis whether you want to accept them or not.

If you are keen to trial this (free) add on to Google Docs, open a browser and a Google Doc. Click on Add ons, then click ‘track changes’ and ‘show track changes’. This automatically bring up the add on. Click on the green button and, as long as you are online, track changes downloads and installs really quickly. Final step is to go back to Add-ons and choose ‘track changes’, ‘show track changes’. Ta da!

I haven’t used it a lot yet, but I can imagine that it will finesse some of the collaborative work I do, especially with folks who prefer to see what changes have been made to their work. I can also see really powerful uses for research, and for learners and/or colleagues working on collaborative projects.

Definitely recommend that you give it a go.

Image: Google. cc (NC SA) licensed. Flickr image by Carlos Luna:

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