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After much debate and playing with the camera, the following files got uploaded to the web.  They were taken towards the end of August 2011, all of the costumes are from the Constitution day parade.  The statues and school are just there from whenever.  I'll add a few more life in Taldykorgan shots over the next months.

I used to use Picassa web albums, but since upgrading to Google+ I am having problems.  Photobucket allows me to also direct link to pictures that I can then drop into web sites and Classmarker.  It works for me. 

The pictures are at

Enjoy the Late summer. BTW it is now white outside, and everyone is in heavy coats, no colour.  And probably not until about March/April when we should get a thaw.


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Comment by Hazel Owen on February 14, 2015 at 21:43

What amazing photos! And what a window into a very different place to New Zealand. Loved the colours and the intricacy of some of the outfits was exquisite. Are there many festivals? What sort of thing do people usually wear? Huge coats, gloves, scarves etc at the moment in you miss the colour? Does it affect your mood?

Photobucket is a great tool. I'm a big fan of Flickr too (and you can create the direct links), but for the free account there are limits to the number of photos that you can upload each month. I was always running out so have a pro account. I like Picasa, but don't find it has as many flexible features as Flickr...but hey :-) Not had any problems with Picasa, but haven't moved totally across to Google+ - still toying with it.

Really love the updates, and as you can see by the number of views, so do other people!! Please keep them coming....Cheers. Hazel

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