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About 2 months ago, I attended a hui in Auckland, with a very articulate speaker who looked at the term agency (from a non- educational perspective) and once again it got my rusty brain cogs whirling. We hear the term 'agency' all the time in school- say our children have a voice, yes they have agency.....but do we as professionals really know what it means?

I then started exploring and stumbled across this great TEDXyouth talk about choice and voice and this started to help to establish my true feeling around agency and how it should be used in school. So here it goes:

Agency is the essence of who you are, the story you bring with you, your champions, attributes, passions and interests. 

Therefore in schools, there should be less talk about "I have given out a survey" and more talk about "I know my learners and this learning reflects that because.... and this is how....."- this is true agency!

You have to believe it to achieve it!

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Comment by Rebbecca Sweeney on April 24, 2015 at 13:13

Great thinking! Agency includes voice but isn't just voice. I like some of Brian Annan's quotes about agency. 

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