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As Lucy Adams wrote in her blog post, "with the increasing attractiveness of working from home gigs, the internet has become one of the primary resources of jobs for freelancers" - and I would add to that, business owners who are looking for quality, trustworthy freelancers.

Sites that bring together folks looking for freelance work, and for organisations that want freelancers to work with them, are on the rise. But - how do you know which one to choose?

Hubstaff Talent offers an interesting model. The Hubstaff Talent directory is run by Hubstaff, a time tracking platform for remote teams. The team writes that as they worked with their clients they realised that their clients' biggest problem was "finding quality remote staff for their businesses. We built the directory to help them solve this problem. There are no markups and no fees on either side (freelancer or business owner)" (source)..

The team at Hubstaff Talent bring together business owners, agencies and freelancers:

  • Freelancers add their profile to the Hubstaff Talent portal, and can then be contacted directly by the "thousands of remote startups, software companies, agencies, and ecommerce businesses that are looking for talent" (source)..
  • Business owners can "quickly find and scale a remote team for ...[their] business without any fees or markups" by searching through "thousands of contractors based on skill, location, or category and directly contact the team members ...[they] feel will be a good fit" (source). 
  • Agencies can add their agency to Hubstaff Talent "to get more leads", and can also "add the employees of ...[their] agency and when a company is interested in working with a team member, ... [the agency] gets contacted"(source).

The icing on the cake is that it is a free service for freelancers, business owners and agencies! The team who created Hubstaff talent share that a "free resource of the world's top remote workers that didn’t exist. We’re changing that" (source).

Profiles are simple to complete, and have a range of information that a freelancer can provide including location, experience, availability, skill sets, and well as the capacity to include a CV/resume, a portfolio, and to link to a personal, or company, website. Business owners can also find your profile by browsing through country, or category.

Job listings are available for freelancers to browse too, with some really useful filter categories to help narrow down a search.

If things go wrong there is a support area, and the opportunity to submit a ticket to get further help. 

Personally, I love the fact that the Hubstaff Talent team are giving back by making this a free service. Yes, you will find their Hubstaff software (softly) promoted, but's a super service! If you are interested, I would recommend checking out the Hubstaff Talent site.

Image: Working lunch. CC ( BY NC ND ) licensed Flickr image by Hazelowendmc:

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