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A Brain-Based Resource you won't want to miss

Hello all,

Hazel recently contacted me to see if I would be willing share my article about this truly amazing resource with the Ethos Community. She followed-up and began listening herself after my initial recommendation several years ago, and left the  comment below under my second article:

I found the Brain Science podcast through you..crikey, it must be about 3 years ago now. I have enjoyed the erudite nature of the podcasts, and have been challenged, informed, and stretched. I would definitely concur with all you say in your wonderful post Madelyn.

I invite everyone here to read my introduction below and, if it sounds like something even marginally interesting or useful, to jump over to read the remainder of the article. There you will find a synopsis of the current explorations of five fascinating brain-based authors and scientists.


TEN years and still going strong

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Another article in the Brain Based Resources Series
with content reblogged from an article back in 2012

"On the Brain Science Podcast we explore how recent scientific discoveries are unraveling age-old mysteries, such as intelligence, emotions, personality, and memory.

We also look at why the brain is much more complex than any computer yet devised."
~ Dr. Ginger Campbell

The Podcast for Everyone who has a Brain

I have been singing the praises of Dr. Ginger Campbell's fascinating Brain Science Podcast for years now.

It is one of my very favorite ways of keeping step as science marches on.

Given that she is currently celebrating her Ten Year Anniversary, I decided it was time for me to introduce it anew.

I have many new readers since I wrote my first article urging everyone to check it out.

If you are not already listening, you are missing a fascinating brain-based resource that will make you feel like you have your own neuro-PhD after listening to a few episodes.

In the years since her podcast launched, Ginger has interviewed quite a few leading scientists, researchers, doctors, psychologists and writers, many of whom have now become subscribers themselves. I have described a mere FIVE of these below, hoping to whet your appetite for more.

Woven throughout her interviews are episodes with book summaries and topic-focused informational "lectures" in her own voice, and supporting all is a web-based discussion forum, a FaceBook Group, and her comprehensive website. Her ShowNotes are top-notch too.

My much earlier unsolicited RAVE offers brief descriptions and links to particular interviews of individuals whose names long-time readers of will recognize from articles here.

I hope that you will jump over to skim that post as well - and jump from there to Ginger's Brain Science Podcast website to give yourselves a real treat.

Click to read the older article: Brain Science Podcast: REALLY Good Stuff!

For ANYONE who has a brain

There are now over 130 interview episodes available, the show has been ranked #1 on iTunes™, and BSP has enjoyed well over 2 million downloads.

  • It's so popular because she manages somehow to appeal to long time "neuro-geeks" and newbie non-scientists alike.
  • She makes the content easily accessible, not only by adding her own comments to back-fill information that she understands but WE might not - but also by pointing to resources and other podcasts in the series to add additional depth to the conversation for those who want more.

The most recent episodes of the series can be streamed for free, and can also be downloaded to play on another device without charge. Although donations are appreciated, for those who can swing it, you can download several years worth of brain candy for absolutely nothing.

For those of you who prefer to read (or for those who want to do both), a transcript of each episode is available in pdf format for a measly dollar. I happily pay $1.00 for my pdf downloads -- they're more than worth it!

You can EVEN listen on your smart phone. If you want to stream to your cell, there's an ap available for an extremely reasonable charge.

Listen while you work, exercise, or relax

While there's nothing quite like reading the book to add depth to your learning, one of the things I LOVE about this podcast is the intelligence of the interview.

Not only is Ginger a wonderful interviewer, she does her homework before she speaks with each guest. She asks just the right questions to make sure her listeners get the "meat" of the content - and she gives her guests PLENTY of time to develop a thought.

  • She also does everything she can to make sure that everyone in her target audience ("anyone with a brain") gets full value out of each episode.
  • For interviews of concepts and ideas that might be more complex than new listeners could be expected to grasp on first listening, immediately following the interview itself she returns to summarize, and to cover anything that she feels needs a bit of extra explanation.

Five Brain [based] Teasers

Lets take a brief look at FIVE of the interviews Ginger has conducted more recently than the ones I linked to my original article: Evan Thompson, Michael Gazzaniga, Norman Doidge, John Ratey and Edward Taub.

I'm hoping to entice at least some of the avid readers among the many writers who follow to go explore what's available - as well as many of you who are struggling and looking for help and new information to take to your doctors.

I spent a great deal of time providing links to some of the books, podcasts, people and terms below, so I hope you will take advantage of an easy way to find out more about some really fascinating and important brain-based topics. (They open in their own tabs, so you can investigate as you go without losing your place in this article).

Read the rest of the article by clicking HERE


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Comment by Hazel Owen on January 27, 2017 at 22:58

Thank you so much for sharing, Madelyn - you're a star! (And I only counted 4 instances of 'fascinating' :D

I am in awe at the amount of time and effort (as you identify in your article) is that Ginger devotes so much time to the podcasts and accompanying resources. The impact is clear though, and I have read and heard the many comments from grateful students, who couldn't either afford and/or untangle the academic papers and books. 

Watch out for the next Ethos online community newsletter, as I am going to mention Ginger (and your article) in the 'thought piece' at the top of the newsletter.

Really lovely to touch base with you again, and I have my thinking cap on about the alternative model of education post. :D xx

Comment by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie on January 27, 2017 at 17:21

lol - in case you missed it the first bazillion times I [over]used this adjective: it is truly fascinating!


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