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Over half a million apps in the iTunes store alone - which do you choose for learning?

Have you spent hours trying to find the app that will do what you need it to do? Add to that the pressure if you are working with learners to find an app that is designed in a pedagogically sound way, and has been quality educators, and you could be searching for hours.

In the App Store there are well north of half a million apps now - not to mention ones for Android.Edsurge report though, (in Lending App Developers a Helping Hand) help may be at hand though there are "startups like KinderTown and YogiPlay, among a host of others, [that] have begun the arduous task of defining and assessing quality to help parents and teachers make better choices" (source).

You can read the rest of Edsurge's coverage here.


iPhone apps sphere. CC ( BY ) licensed Flickr image by Blake Patterson :

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