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30 Surprising (possibly controversial) research findings about how young people learn

In November, just before the Christmas madness, Tess Pajaron dropped me an email to share an article that focuses on how people learn based on a range of research. The writer explores 30 approaches, each of them drawn from current research (which is linked to so you can explore more if you'd like).

Although I may be a little tentative about some of the points and approaches covered, some caught my attention including 'Teaching kids at a very early age is counterproductive to their learning' and 'Engaging children in planning and reflection enhance their predictive and analytic capabilities'. The article opens as follows:

Have you checked your assumptions about student learning at the door?
People in general, hold onto beliefs that are shaped by early experiences, the media, and faulty influences. The following list is a compilation of research that may surprise you. Video games, e-books, playtime, and music are all a part of an educator’s repertoire.

You can read the whole article here: 30 Surprising (and controversial) research findings about how peopl...


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