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Reflections on teaching ICT

Peter Breach

I have been a teacher since the late 1980s, and working internationally for most of the period since 2001.  I primarily worked around the Gulf region but have also been in Ukraine and am now in Kazakhstan.  Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools have been in operation for two years now as the basis for educational reform…


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Android, Tablets and the cloud

This originally appeared on the blogspot pages for Peter Breach.

Unfortunately the site is blocked in Kazakhstan so I cannot upload pages.  If you want to follow everything please use the link to, OR BETTER STILL, focus on the linked…


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RSS Feeds

Well I knew there had to be a way of repeating a blog post from my blog without doing the long winded arrangement Hazel and I worked out.  There is.  It just took some playing around with locating the insides of Blogger and its RSS Feed and then finding a way to link that on this site.

ADD APP allows an RSS feed reader to…


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And this is Taldykorgan (Kazakhstan)

After much debate and playing with the camera, the following files got uploaded to the web.  They were taken towards the end of August 2011, all of the costumes are from the Constitution day parade.  The statues and school are just there from whenever.  I'll add a few more life in Taldykorgan shots over the next months.

I used to use Picassa…


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A slice of life in revisited: Teaching in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

A quick note from Hazel first...this is a post that Peter first made in 2011. However, I feel that it's well worth visiting, as it offers a glimpse of a slice of life, and teaching, in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.

After finally getting the invite and finding time to sort out the application along with developing the implementation of new syllabus, getting to…


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