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Teaching IS Inquiry

At some point in the last three years, I stopped being a teacher who accessed professional learning from time to time and rarely due to my somewhat remote setting, and became a teacher who's teaching spaces became sites of continuous professional learning and inquiry. 'Teaching' and 'learning about teaching' blurred, then all teaching became inquiry...…


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Learning as Submission?

I've been challenged to think a lot about agency, or epistemic agency (and even shared epistemic agency) through my Knowledge Building Communities research over the last three years. I listen to the frustration that those who embrace future focused education and modern learning practices and pedagogies express, about those teachers who hold back, or for whatever reason don't engage.

I think too about my own initial difficulties with taking risks with all aspects of my teaching…


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An overlooked learning environment

In education, the most important, primary, and over-looked 'modern learning environment' is the space between our ears. How we think, what we think, and why we think it, catalyses and forms functional and inhabitable learning spaces wherever we present ourselves as educators.

How I cultivate my mindset with a focus on growth, and how I choose to nurture my neurons, will ultimately shape the physical, virtual, and energetic spatial fields that will take shape around…


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Bounce Blog: Learning about digital technology trends


Lovely to connect with a new space of thinkers... 'bounce' blogs are comments I've made in other forums, then shared. I discovered that I'm hopeless at blogging, I prefer to 'bounce' off others ideas, then reflect in response:

"The Big Disconnect" infographic by Mara Sofferin got me thinking (hopefully attached below...). 

I'm one of the lucky ones I guess, I abandoned the 'big smoke' of Auckland city for wild Westland, though most of…


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