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First time principal...setting targets in a post NS world!!

So NS has gone...and I couldn't be happier...and nor could my team.

But this has left a bit of a dilemma that we have wrestled with all summer...what to do...I personally get the feeling ( and from my online communities of principals I don't think it is just me) that we are all having mixed feelings...we are ebullient to have the freedom to get back to what we know is best for kids and their whanau..but we also are a bit like sheep that have escaped the paddock..we are bouncing around…


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Time got away from me!

So it is term 1 2018....I haven't posted since mid term 4 2017...I have no idea how we have sped through the months...but we have!

Last year i started my dream job...leading learning at my own school..a huge honour since I have only been qualified for 7 years.

In my teaching career I have health with huge highs and severe be honest more lows than highs...and I think it is the lows that taught me the most....they taught me about the huge dedication and passion that…


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Future Focused

Sitting listening to Derek Wenmouth talk about adapting education for the is something we all know and something most of us also believe is a problem that needs solving......but it is only as I sit here as a Principal on a first time principal's course....that I am realising that I actually am now in a position to actually try and do something to try and evince change!

But how to go about this??? 

Do we as a school take this opportunity of rapid change and turmoil…


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Principal wellbeing!

According to Dr Phil Riley we are going to die of heart attacks very soon!

Th Principal well bing survey is a tool being used across 3 countries so far that is showing worrying trends in the workload and stress school leaders endure.

I have yet to complete this survey...and I am now concerned that when I do I will get one of those red flag emails

I run every day and as…


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Week 7

A breakthrough... I hope it continues!

The tension is dissipating and a new shared language is being built

I'm so happy that we have negotiated our way through the first bit of tension and I feel we did so due to taking the time to listen.

Not just the surface nod we often think is listening.. but actually opening up to listen and perceive each other's point of views. Sometimes not the easiest or comfiest process.. but I feel it has been hugely worthwhile!

Fingers firmly x… Continue

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Week 6!

It's week 6 and the easy road I have had so far is over!

The transition stress is starting for some is long no staff can deal with stress like they have this year and not have concerns and fears about the future along with resentment around what has happened to them in the past.…


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Made it to week 5....where did the time go!

So holy moly...I fact I really have to be the luckiest human ever! It is week 5 and I have no idea how we got to halfway through the term already. 

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride...with huge highs and some moments of whoah..this is too much!

From dealing with a school in debt and then realising that yes I have inherited debt...but unfortunately I need to get more in debt as some systems aren't in place and some health and safety needs action NOW!



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we have lift off

Wow...what happened there!

It is now go plus 4 days and I think I have lost 4 days of my has all blurred into what feels like only a couple of hours!

Monday was my first official day and the first thing that happened in the morning was the most lovely Powhiri I have ever attended. The students at my school have such a clear understanding of their heritage and connection with their area...I am very lucky to be leading a school like this!



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T- minus 6 days

So there is 6 days to go till I legally take over the reins....and at the moment I am running around trying to get up to speed with budgets, property works, planning, organisation and a completely lacking H and S system

I feel a lot like a thunderbirds puppet...wanting to focus on the big aim...teaching and learning....but some puppeteer is pulling strings that mean I need to focus on admin a lot at present!

Still, I guess once I have knocked these systems on the head we can…


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T-minus 16 days

The thunderbirds seems to represent how I feel at the moment as I start the 16 day countdown to officially leading learning at my first school as principal! Though the paperwork has started already!!

I've been at my new school twice this week to begin connecting with my team, meeting students and joy of joys writing contracts! It was the contracts that caused me to finally realise, holy heck, I'm a principal... when I finished the contracts and went to turn to my principal to…


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First time Principal!!

So I was thinking I want to be able to honestly record and reflect on the journey I am embarking on as a first time Principal...I didn't necessarily want the full reflections to be in a public space...then I remembered this space that Hazel set close to the VPLD as it can get:)

So I figure I will reflect here!

My first reflection is on how I got here...and boy has it been a journey!

I am in my 7th year of teaching and have been a DP for 4 of those my…


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