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Authentic Contexts For Learning

I have been wondering about what makes an authentic context for learning because it seems that their are various definitions about what this really means.  I posted a blog about this today in Hynessight and thought I would cross-post it in here because there is a great community to give feedback about such things.  

The new digital technology areas in the New Zealand Curriculum both urge learning to be…


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What can Secondary Teachers Do Differently?

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What can Secondary School Teachers Do Differently?…


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Eduspeak   Deep understanding, rich understanding, unpack a concept, what that looks like in your school, resonates, dispositions, teaching as inquiry, digging deeper, scaffolding, synthesis, best practice…


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Politics, Colleagues and Friends

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Politics, Colleagues and Friends

It is so easy, isn't it?  The elections looming in the next few weeks and posts go up on Facebook declaring your political bent.  In…

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What every teacher should have...

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What every teacher in NZ should have. Digitally speaking!

This is my list of ICT tools that every teacher must have, in every class, in every school.

1. A RSS reader like Google reader to collect new articles from webites that they like

2. A digital…

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A Rant But An Important One - Is Your Teaching Future Focused?

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The TKI website has some excellent resources on curriculum development and on 21st March launched Spotlights, focusing on specific aspects of the NZC.  I was pleased to see a spotlight on…


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Blended learning

Found this new Blended Learning Video because I subscribe to the Bozeman channel which Paul Anderson creates, as a teacher of sciences and biology in particular.

In my opinion the video is very good because it ties in blended learning with the inquiry model of learning. It does not matter which model of inquiry learning you subscribe to you can see how blended learning is so effective.



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A plea to all teachers exploring new digital technologies for computational thinking

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I am fresh back from Ulearn.  My presentation there centred around what I had seen at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) in Denver this last June, compared…

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How to Thrive Online

How to Thrive Online

I watched this (50 minute long) video of Howard Rheingold, cyberculture expert and academic, on How to…

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Twitter as a Teaching and Learning Tool

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I am not a great tweeter.  I tweet out my blog and, occasionally, I tweet out other useful resources that I like and think other educators might like, too.  However, I do use Twitter in other ways.  If I want to get any ideas, inspiration or help from whoever I can, I often turn to Twitter to search for hashtags about my topic of interest.  And I follow about 600…


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Time time time

A post from the archives...but well worth a reread as I suspect many people will resonate with Leigh's frustrations! (Hazel)

This site is the home of a multitude of excellent resources, which I haven't had the time to peruse lately.  As my sabbatical comes closer, I am relishing the thought of having enough of that precious commodity (if there is such a thing?) to look at many of the videos here.

As for me, we struggle with the realities of clogged internet lines at…


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Just another thought along the same lines

Adding to thoughts in Hazel Owen's blog post about the quality of method of delivery of some presenters, I felt I have to add my 10 cents worth in.

Cross blogged from my personal opinion Hynessight blog, here it is.

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Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century

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Devices off, please!

Devices off, please.

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A couple of years ago, I was talking to a large group of teachers about using digital devices for learning in their classes.  The session was for the whole staff and…

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An industrial model - batches of learners

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A controversial discussion - the first for me in 2016.

A recent post in the Facebook NZ Primary Teachers Group got me wondering about whether some teachers would ever get over the industrial model of schooling.  The post started with a question as to whether it was acceptable…

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Huripoki - Flipping New Zealand Style!

“Culture is central to learning. It plays a role not only in communicating and receiving information, but also in shaping the thinking process of groups and individuals. A pedagogy that acknowledges, responds to, and celebrates fundamental cultures offers full, equitable access to education for students from all cultures”. (1)


While writing up…


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ILEs - they are hard work!

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Warning!  In this post, I use lots of "eduspeak" acronyms which I will put the key to here at the beginning so you can refer back to it.

ILE = …

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Let's sharpen our focus.

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In August, I blogged about the Backlash or Implementation Dip?.     Since then, there seems to have been a further media stirring of that…


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Modern Pedagogy

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Modern pedagogy - a reflection on the VLN discussion.

There has been an interesting debate on the VLN (Virtual Learning Network) in the last few months, about what…


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Regaining ownership of your eportfolio google site

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If you have made an eportfolio in your school domain using google sites, you might need to consider transferring it into your private gmail account so if you leave the school, it won't be accidentally deleted by the school, and you can keep the eportfolio no matter what school you are at.

I recommend that you make your eportfolio in your private address to begin with, but if…


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