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Does access to technology at home have a negative effect on students' learning?

It's all rather confusing! A while back, the wonderful Rachel Dingle shared a piece of research with me that made me go...hmmmm. The research, as she said, indicates that "there are no discernible differences between students who have access to technology at home and those who don't". The abstract reads:

Computers are an important part of modern education, yet…

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School holiday programmes at Scratchpad: Early bird deal


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The Virtual CoP Toolbox - Guidelines for online community builders

If you are involved in facilitating an online community, are thinking of initiating one, or are working with, for example, students who would like to get one going...these guidelines may serve as a 'quick guide' of things to think about in advance.

The recommendations and guidelines are based on the findings from the research study associated with the Virtual Professional…


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Education under discussion: Links between professional development and helping to lift student 'achievement'?

In this podcast (that was shared by Mike Preece), some key points arise about providing learning opportunities across all sociocultural groups in New particular those who are facing socio-economic disadvantages. The link between provision of professional development and shifts in student achievement are discussed, and it was recognised that it is tough to demonstrate this shift…


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Three types of mentor, and five types of role they play

I am often asked - what is a mentor? Or, what is the difference between a mentor and a coach...and does it matter?

Conor Neill, in the video below, outlines his thoughts about what a mentor comprises, and why we might need them in our lives. 

Conor suggest that there are 3 types of mentor:

  • Sponsor,
  • Guide and
  • Coach

He goes on to describe 5 types of role that…


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Caught in the anxiety cycle? Find out what to do...

Are you ever pulled into that cycle of anxiety - that 'what if...' cycle that makes your stomach churn and your heart beat faster? If yes, you may well find the following resource of interest.

Dr Neha frames the video up as something that "will give you the structure you need to transform your anxiety and take your life back!", especially if  you are trapped in the cycle of…


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The myth of 'remote working'

It is the goal of many people to work from home (aka telecommuting), while others revel in the opportunity to interact face-to-face. Both ways of working have their benefits, and both have their drawbacks.

In the blog post, There's no such thing as a…


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What are two things coaching really needs?

While under discussion between coaching theorists and practitioners, there are some core competencies that most will agree contribute to being an effective coach. These core competencies are the ‘things a coach does’ before, during and after a coaching session, and comprise coaching knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour (Southern Institute of Technology,…


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