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What are you looking for: Coaching or consultancy?

There are many differences between a coach and a consultant, although, at first glance some of them may not be obvious, especially in the context of business. One way of thinking about it is to compare the following scenarios where the goal is to integrate horse riding into your life / business:

Working with a coach would support you to identify…

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A 5 Year Retrospective on the Growth in Online Learning

English: Diagram of technology-empowered profe...

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What is a 'culture of coaching'?

Globally, a wide range of organisations and businesses are developing a coaching culture (Weekes, 2008), in the hope of realising a wide range of benefits, that include personal and professional growth (Hay, 1995), resilience in the face of change, business development, talent management, and the fostering of leadership and personal effectiveness. Coaching, when…


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Taking action against online bullying - what can you do?

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...
Bullying on IRFE…

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The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study

English: iPads offer a variety of software
English: iPads offer a…

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So why do we need theories of learning anyway?

source), and then goes on to explain, as educators we need to be aware of these beliefs. This awareness, she feels, will help us “seek to understand the foundation of beliefs of each student” (…


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Exciting job opportunity: Centre manager for a new education venture

Don’t just play on your phone, program it

President Barack Obama

We at Scratchpad believe our children need to move to being creators rather than just users.

We are starting a new educational venture that is focused on helping youngsters (and the young at heart) to love, use, and program technology  - to help them develop skills that prepare them for the future and last a lifetime.…


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How would you recognise coaching if you met it on a dark night? :)

Coaching has a wide range of characteristics, some of which are related to the definition of coaching that you choose to work with.

In general, the main characteristics of coaching in all approaches include the notion of change. Learning, by its very nature is change, such that when we learn we will have changed our…


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What is the GROW model and when is it used in coaching and mentoring?

Imagine you are about to set off on a trip to explore somewhere really significant to you. You might go to Google Maps (or an equivalent online service … or maybe even a paper map), and then type in your destination (goal). To get directions you would also need to add your current location (reality), and choose whether you want to travel by car, foot, bike or bus (options).…


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What is your definition of coaching?

Coaching has many definitions that outline what it is and what it has been designed to achieve (Ives, 2008). In part, the sheer range of definitions is indicative of the way the mentoring / coaching dichotomy emerged, as well as the multiple influences on coaching from, for example, therapeutic and personal-development approaches (Williams, 2014). The…


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Disrupting education: What's already happening?

If you have been a member of the Ethos Online Community for any length of time, you will have read, watched, thought about, and / or commented on something that the wonderful John S Oliver has shared.

A while ago, John…


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Walking hand in hand: Coaching and change

One thing that can be guaranteed is change - changes in cultural contexts, political and legal infrastructures, society, and business. Wilson (2009) identifies the main drivers of change for employment and (formal and informal) work are advances in technology and demography, factors that are already influencing the shape of organisations. In the last century “work-life was…


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