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How does coaching differ from consultancy? A quick comparison

There are many differences between a coach and a consultant, although, at first glance some of them may not be obvious, especially in the context of business. One way of thinking about it is to compare the following scenarios where the goal is to integrate horse riding into your life / business:

Working with a coach would support you to identify exactly why you are…

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An evolving relationship - data and privacy

Recently a conversation has been underway in a listerv of which I am a member, related to the gnarly question of where the data about students is stored. Should it be locally in schools or cloud computing?

There has been a full on discussion of the ethics of a school using cloud computing services that may well have blanket policies (often underpinned by US law, rather than a specific…


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What should gifted kids read?

A while back I came across this really good advice around how to find books for pre-teen children who are reading well beyond their age. Mary St George blogs regularly at 'Creating Curriculum for Gifted Children' about subjects and ideas for engaging and working with gifted and talented…


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What are the main benefits of coaching for an organisation?

There is a growing momentum with companies who are developing coaching within their organisations (Weekes, 2008), hoping to realise a wide range of benefits, that include business development, talent management, and the fostering of leadership and personal effectiveness. Within an organisation, where there is a developmental approach to coaching, the coach works with a coachee to…


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Costs ... and benefits ... of investing in coaching

It was telling for me, in the article “New study sheds light on manager-coaches” (although not so new - from 2009), that those in more senior positions were more likely to use mature coaching approaches because they had the time and space to do so. This finding, for me, indicates that coaching isn’t a panacea to all business issues or a ‘quick fix’ option, although it is…


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Think you're good at multi-tasking?

I am a self-proclaimed numpty when it comes to multi-tasking. If I am facilitating in a webinar and have to focus on tweaking something I have to ask everyone to be patient as I can't speak and read/click the correct buttons :-)

Well, it turns out that this is not unusual. This research…


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Coaching Index: A way of finding out your coaching readiness

When working with a potential coachee to decide if coaching is something that would be of benefit to them, it is useful to have a tool with a series of indicators that can help someone identify their own and other’s ‘readiness’. In part this is important because a coach who works with a client who is not ready can experience a negative impact on their confidence and skills…


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Is too much collaboration something to avoid?

iJoos Mind/Getty Images

This podcast, from the awesome TED Radio Hour (NPR), has a lot to think about -…


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How do you know? Readiness to work with a mentor or coach

There are key factors that I would say indicate whether an individual is ready for coaching or mentoring. First and foremost, the individual needs to want a coach or mentor; it has to be voluntary (or at the very least seen as suggested positive support for professional learning), because effective coaching will require a person to change…


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Student attrition: Why learners decide to withdraw from an online programme

The Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice is an online programme, and is the only programme of its type available in New Zealand that. Working in this online environment, Catherine de Monchy from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, and the team were keen to know why students drop out of their programme. There was a cap on numbers, and a huge waiting list. This…


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How do clusters form and work collaboratively with change?

Future Focused Collaboration: How Did Your Cluster Start? - Part 1 Of 3

Download and listen to the podcast / …


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A wero (challenge) for coaching and mentoring

John Whitmore, in his article, Will coaching rise to the challenge? throws down a wero (challenge) for coaching as a profession.

He opens by describing some of the possible benefits of the economic crisis in the States (the article was written in 2009), highlighting the fact that apparent negative setbacks can be a…


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Working in clusters: Some top tips from the Hereora Cluster

"The new knowledge comes not out of the minds of individual group members, but from the relationships between them" (Jane Gilbert, 2005)

What does it look like to work in a cluster? How do you work together? When collaborating in a cluster there are multiple considerations, and multiple layers that need to be considered and involved. It takes time to build relationships and understandings with staff and students, as well as parents and whanau across the schools and Early…


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He Whare Ako He Whare Hangarau: Weaving kaupapa Maori theories, values and approaches with mobile learning

My friend and colleague whaea Yo Heta-Lensen has observed that "online and blended learning courses are often written to instructional design guidelines that have been developed from a specific theoretical viewpoint taking a one-size fits all approach that cares little for indigenous knowledges" (Heta-Lensen, in press).

It was…


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