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Interested in enrolling your primary school students in an extension literacy project? Project Huia

VLN Primary School

Project Huia - Book Study - Extension Learners…


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Controversial video about the influence of unions in education in the US: Thoughts?

The mere mention of unions often provokes strong reactions, and if you watch this video, Teachers' unions vs. students (narrated by Terry Moe, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University), you are likely to come away with an opinion! 

Personally, I feel it is positive that educators have such a strong union, and essential they have meaningful representation. However, some…


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Driving teacher change through brokering in an online community ecosystem

Online or virtual communities of practice were a theme that appeared in many of the presentations in the Research stream of ULearn in 2011 (and you can access the papers from the research stream by clicking here).

One such…


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Now out: Latest issue from the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

Always packed full of great articles, the latest issue of the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning is now available, having been shared by Niki…


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Relationships, literacy and team spirit: Janey Nolan talks about her work with Te Kura

Janey Nolan, has crafted a wonderfully engaging read that looks into the importance of building relationships, how animals can help build trust, literacy, and the essential ingredient - team spirit. Please leave Janey…


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Mind the gap: A digital repository of resources to support reflective teaching and learning

In 2011 the Ako Aotearoa Southern Educational Developers’ Group  invited folks to join them in developing a repository (funded by Ako Aotearoa’s Southern Hub) - Mind the…


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Tangible Benefits of e-Learning

The question often asked is...where is the evidence that eLearning makes a difference?

In 2008,  JISC infoNet, the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and the Higher Education Academy worked together to attempt to help answer this question. They supported the development of "37 detailed online case studies available...supported by an…


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Know where you are going? eLearning roadmap

There are a number of eLearning frameworks and roadmaps gaining in use and popularity. This one from The National Centre for Technology in Education (@ncteireland) offers a good example, although it is contextualised to the UK.


To view the mindmap full size, please click this link: eLearning%20Roadmap.png…


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Education future scenarios: Insight into different futures potentially facing education and learning

Yvonne Hynson shared this post and resource with another community of which I am a member, and it looks so good, I thought I would…


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Inquiry Learning: getting kids out of the box (Jill Hammonds)

Inquiry Cycle Image by istlibrary via…


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Do you need a social media detox?

A humorous overview of social media from Column Five Media (@columnfive).


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