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How might we empower Māori students to learn as Māori? Some practical strategies might include...

Late this afternoon (August 28th, 2013 from 3:45pm to 4:45pm) Janelle Ricki facilitated a vibrant webinar, with a focus on focus on…


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Are you working with learners who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder? Have a look at some of these Apps


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Accessibility: Streaming video for the visually impaired

I hadn't really appreciated what it must be like to be able to hear the audio and not hook into the visual context of videos, movies, and TV shows. The closest I come is the frustration when I am out running and listening to podcasts and the presenter on a TED Talk shows a graph or illustration that they don't describe, and yet it's central to their overall…


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Twelve practical tips for positive participation in online communities

Whenever we learn anything we are influenced by other people, as well as by our culture, our beliefs, experiences we’ve had, the understandings we’ve developed about the world and the way it works, and our current context. Every human being’s learning is therefore shaped by the people around them, even when they are not directly seeking to learn collaboratively. Language and the way…


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Anything surprising? School sector education report 2013 (New Zealand)

Recently released by the Ministry of Education in New Zealand the following report (and infographic), make for some interesting reading. The foci for 2013 has been on aspects such as, 21st Century Learning and Digital Literacy, strengthening Boards of Trustees and parental involvement, strengthening the profession and its status, and raising achievement. Would be good to read your thoughts about the results reported here...anything surprising?

To see the following infographic…


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What are the implications for learning in general?

I love receiving recommendations to check something out, whether they arrive by Twitter, my reader, word of mouth...etc. So, it was superb to receive the following video recommendation from John S. Oliver.

Something that jumped out at me was the finding that 'human beings'...there in…


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Progress in education: Is it about developing competitive and open education markets? Or something more complex?

I took a couple of sharp intakes of breath while reading this article (Schools are failing our children simply because they are technophobes, by Allister Heath, that was shared…


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Interacting hands free: Quick review of Leap Motion

I had the chance to trial a Leap Motion the other day, and jumped at the chance. The post below is a brief overview of my experiences.

Leap motion is a gesture peripheral, which uses infrared sensors to track the movement of a user’s hands in (approximately) 30 cm of space above the device.

Getting started



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