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Cross-discipline approaches to pedagogical change in technology-supported tertiary teaching

When we are convinced that an approach works - often by being immersed in it - we will usually take the approach forward with commitment and enthusiasm. This still holds true for eLearning. When an educator isn't convinced of the potential of ICT to enhance a learning experience, any eLearning initiative is likely to be luke-warm at best.

Four case studies (from Marcia Johnson, Garry…


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De Hub: Innovation in distance education

The Distance Education Hub is an online space where the aim is to bring academics together around the subject of distance education. The focus is on collaboration and cooperation, while allowing people to be distinctive, and also recognising that a lot of academic institutions are competitors.

Distance learning was…


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Improving skills to build fairer, more inclusive societies

The OECD reports are always really great to dip into and read. As part of its ongoing work, this report and associated study aimed "to measure and improve adult skills around the world". As such, the OECD "tested the skills of more than 50,000 16 to 65 year-olds in Chile, Greece, Indonesia (Jakarta), Israel* (…


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Want to make a video? TED in Education

If you are a fan of TED Talks you are likely to have come across, and / or used the TED-Ed channel in YouTube. This is an initiative that encourages educators to capture 'teaching moments' via video, and then work with animators to create videos for education (see video below for…


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Introductory guide to online tutoring skills

Clive Shepherd has already contributed some links to useful resources to the community (see here); I was recently doing some research around teaching online and what thoughts are about what this might comprise, and came across yet another…


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Google tools get some cool new functions....

While there other tools out there other than Google, I must admit I do enjoy the functionality and collaborative opportunities that Google tools offer. So, I was really pleased with the recent flurry of updates and upgrades that have been shared by some fabulous folks over the last couple of weeks. The ones that stood out for me are:

Rachel Duckworth says that her "excitement levels are…


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Are you looking for a job leading up a technology centre in Auckland?

Don't just play on your phone, program…


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A Framework: 21st century student outcomes and support systems

This framework was shared a while back by Heather Eccles (here) - and definitely deserves a revisit. The description of the diagram reads: "The Framework…


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Changing the hearts and minds of the people: Te Tiriti o Waitangi

“Fundamental to understanding is to know that Maori culture is a culture of relationships … with everything and everyone in Te Ao Marama”

(Pereme Porter, 2010, Para 2)

If you want change you need to become involved. According to…


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Braille uncovered: 15 facts you should know

You may have already read this article which shares 15 Facts about braille. The article, as you might expect has some fascinating…


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Minecraft, 3D printers, and the student of the month: SCRATCHPAD July 2016 Newsletter

I have mentioned SCRATCHPAD a few times after the last months. The initiative is going from strength to strength, with approximately equal numbers of girls and boys getting involved in coding, robotics, and electronics. Their recent newsletter says it way better than I can, so I am sharing it below...and check out their upcoming holiday programmes (new offering includes Minecraft).…


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