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Report - Life changing results: High student success and retention outcomes at Tauranga PTE Hair to Train

This publication describes three practices that have delivered high student success and retention outcomes at Tauranga PTE Hair to Train. (To access the original on the Ako Aotearoa site please go to:…

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A challenge around the roll out of Ultra-fast broadband to schools: How agile are education systems?

A fellow community member recently posted a comment about the roll out of ultra-fast broadband to schools throughout New Zealand. He suggested that while "cheaper access to international data is important and useful" there is…


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Students creating activities and resources for peers: Easy to use, free tools

Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia...

Image via Wikipedia

If you are keen on encouraging your students to create activities, demonstrations, explanations, and content for their peers, and other people around the…


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Modernising assessment in the age of Web 2.0


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Explore the world from the comfort of your chair: The Virtue of Virtual Fieldtrips (LEARNZ) for students

Barrie Matthews (LEARNZ Project/Technical Manager) facilitated this session (with Vicki Hagenaars - a classroom teacher extraordinaire with a focus on digital based learning - also sharing some of her experiences). The session  covered the benefits of Virtual Fieldtrips, looking at pedagogies, and encouraging…


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As many questions as answers: How do we design and facilitate for 'learning'?

Something I have been meaning to share since January, and it has remained on my 'to do' list, is a super session facilitated by the wonderful Ewan McIntosh at the ICOT conference. I live-blogged the session (Creative and Critical thinking: Creating space…


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Identity, exclusion, inclusion, and cultural responsiveness: A personal reflection

I have been delaying writing up this reflection for a long time...more than a couple of months in fact - the notes I took during the session have sat in draft format and I have 'mulled' over what happened and why.

Part of the reason, I guess is that it is connected to those gnarly subjects 'cultural appropriacy and responsiveness', which can lead to some strong,…


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MOOCs and their impact on jobs for academics (or maybe not)

I was recently approached by some students from a University in the US with the following questions, and I thought, due to the interest in the community around MOOCs, I would share the questions...and my responses. It would be great to hear if you agree. disagree, or have something to add :-)

1- Can you tell us about your experience with…


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Have you designed a space where you like to work and learn?

Merryn Dunmill shared the following video:

"Kevin Honeycutt has a video of kids' constructed classrooms using ordinary materials, imagination, flexibility to create spaces that can be moved outside, reshaped, remodeled, and are inexpensive to make. Pockets in the shower curtains?! Check it out".

Do you have experiences of students shaping their own learning spaces? Or have you designed a…


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Timetabling: A tyranny or a necessity?

The whole notion of the tyranny of the timetable and how it can stifle learning is quite a popular one - see for example Enslaved by timetable tyranny. There are many ideas discussed in the article, a couple of which included:

A primary head said to me recently: "Wouldn't…


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Something students could use to create superb resources? Open Tapestry

You may remember Folksemantic (a social platform for finding and sharing open content), and mourned its passing. Apparently the developers have been working on something a wee bit different called Open Tapestry. The application helps users find content for learning, and then re-structure it, mash it up, and build new pages from open content to create…


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