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Teachers’ metacognition: the influence of changes from a deficit to a developmental approach to assessment

Alejarndra Martinez is a psychologist has been working with teachers, initially in rural Chile. She is interested in how teachers view themselves as learners. Currently working on her PhD at the University of Melbourne  Alejandra has been working in professional learning teams, to investigate links between courses and students' outcomes.

One of the focus was to move thinking about…


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Yes I can...who would you be?

Who would you be? What would you do?

Channel 4 in the UK have released this video for their Paralympics coverage ahead of the Games in Rio. The video features a variety of people playing musical instruments, taking part in sporting events, and completing everyday tasks.

I found it a strong statement about…


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Happiness is what you think life gives you...

Shared by the wonderful Leigh Hynes, I watched this video on a day when I most needed it. As well as being incredibly moving, it also shares the tough journey of how one man came to terms with the loss of his young son. He focuses on being grateful - and on the idea that “Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time. It's about loving what you have and being grateful for it".

Watching the video turned my day around (thank you Leigh xx) - see what it does…


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Designing learning that matters? How might shift in understanding be captured?

Sarah Martin (Principal) and Chris Bradbeer (Associate Principal) have been with Stonefields School since it opened (it is pretty new, and only opened its gates in Feb 2011). One of their key foci has been the curriculum and with an aim to measure shift when changes are…


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Growing a diverse workplace through coaching

Workplaces where there is a clear recognition of the specific benefits of diversity - that are inclusive and respectful of people’s differences (race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, geographic background, education, economic background and thinking and communication styles, SIT, n.d.) - have been shown to have higher levels of employee satisfaction and retain…


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From CORE Education: Grants that advance Māori from early years through to secondary

If you are involved in any way with education of Māori in the Early years through to secondary sector, you are likely to be…


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Think before it's too late (Edward de Bono)

It is really different to convince people that thinking is important. Thinking needs to be practical rather than political, and focussed on 'what's next' rather than what has been. According to Edward de Bono, "world thinking cannot solve world problems because world thinking is itself the problem. And this is only getting worse" (…


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Looking for balance in your life: The wheel of life

The coaching wheel is a tool used in coaching, for a wide range of reasons (you can find out more about some of the uses in this post - 'Which solution is best for you?'). The wheel of life, for example, can help you look at how you are balancing aspects of your life, based on things that are important to you. Completing the wheel can offer a visual way to see where things may be out…


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Alternative approaches to the standard conference 'lecture'? Please?

I am in a session, and I have decided to change the name of the presenter and not mention the title (but this person is an invited speaker). I read the overview of the session beforehand and was hooked. I turned up early to the session to make sure I had a seat. The presenter kicked off by introducing himself and then setting the scene for the session. Then, he took a…


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App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers With Autism - what are learners already doing?

The article, App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers With Autism, was shared by Patrick Pink (here). Patrick explains that the article "gives some app ideas around language and assisting…


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Twitter basics at a glance + part 2 for more advanced users

Really liked the clarity and simplicity of these attractive resources, which the Daring Librarian describes as follows: "An at a glance cheat sheet, feel free to pass along, use, post all under Creative Commons - Share Alike!".

Twitter - Part one

To access the full size image click…


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