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Performance inquiry: A paradigm shift from performance management and appraisal

The project that Mary Wilson was involved started by creating a really big dynamic, as a space was developed ready for the learning to happen for 59 children and 12 staff. By 2008, they were staring down the barrel down a system that they had tried to avoid. ERO was on the doorstep.…


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Building the Network for Learning: Commentary by Niki Davis

You may, or may not, be familiar with the Network for Learning (N4L) that is being developed in New Zealand. The potential of such a network is huge, but it requires a collaborative effort to actually make it work. It's not so much about the infrastructure, it's more about the people, the connections...the opportunities to collaborate, share, and build. How can you get involved, if…


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Thoughts - Cultures old and new

students and social networks

Image by Will Lion via Flickr

Joel Dodd was a teacher of mathematics, and is now a researcher, and statistician.

I recently revisited a post by Joel where he discusses traditional…


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Story of change: From Digital Doubter to Tech Guru

The Edsurge team always have nuggets of news, and links to often thought provoking articles and opinion pieces. One item in a recent newsletter caught my eye. Often educators are seen as either tech savvy and eLearning focussed...or not. …


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Mayer's Theory of Multimedia Learning unpacked - and illustrated

It is old news to most educators that “The young person who watches digital TV, downloads MP3 music onto a personal player, checks e-mail on a personal organiser and sends symbolised messages to a mobile phone of a friend will not be satisfied with a 500-word revision guide for [HSC] physics” (Abbot, 2003). But there is still work to do in seeing the value of multimedia something that can…


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Which solution is best for you?

Everyone has times when they have two (or more) alternatives to choose from and are not sure how to make a choice that they feel they won’t regret later on. They may have already made a pros and cons list for each and tried to make a comparison, but still feel it isn’t clear which choice is likely to be best for them.



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Millenials under the microscope: Resources, ideas and a quiz from Cyberwise

The wonderful team at Cyberwise recently shared the following resources, focussed on the Millennial Generation, in …

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Passionate about learning

Seymour Papert, at the OLPC offices in Cambrid... Seymour Papert - Image via Wikipedia

A vibrant thinker and advocate, Gary Stager questions why we are still asking questions around whether technology enhances…


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Should companies insist on policy of 'bums on seats' at the office? What about a blended approach to working?

The whole notion of working from home (a.k.a. telecommuting), can polarise opinion. Some people say that they need the routine of going to work, and once there, the interactions with colleagues, to be creative and productive. Others are insistent about the benefits of being able to concentrate and to not be distracted, or dragged into constant meetings.

In a post from a while back…


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Interface: Supporting the use of ICT in learning

ICT's in Education

Image by pmorgan via Flickr…


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Cognitive computing: What is it and why should you care?

Information is unstructured, especially when it is en masse (think, for instance, the Internet). The amount of available content is doubling every 5 years, and we just don't have the time or the cognitive capacity to keep up with everything.

People have amazing ideas, but the computational abilities are often not ready. "At the…


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