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Recent study shows lectures aren't effective: Active learning approaches come out on top

It's official..."A new study [April 2014] finds that undergraduate students in classes with traditional stand-and-deliver lectures are 1.5 times more likely to fail than students in classes that use more stimulating, so-called active learning methods" (Bajak, 2014, …


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Strengths-based assessment: A way of developing inclusive assessment

Assessment is always a hot topic, whether you are involved in formal education or other forms of learning and upskilling. This webinar session, facilitated by Manu Faaea-Semeatu and Nadell Karatea-Kokiri, focussed on how we can re-think and re-shape assessment. In part this is through re-defining what constitutes…


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Read / write tool designed to increase accessibility with Google Apps

I remember having a discussion with a dear friend and colleague, Chrissie Butler a couple of years ago. At the time, and I cringe as think back, I posited that while, of course, accessibility was a key aspect of designing inclusive learning experiences in online spaces, that there was research that…


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The proof of the pudding: Students using social media in class improve contributions, comprehension and literacy

Often the question arises - should mobile devices be banned from classrooms? I guess for many teachers it it the proof of the pudding that answers that question - much better than someone 'telling' them that there are myriad benefits...if meaninful use of the devices is built into the achievement of learning outcomes.

This article…


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Make your Moodle visual

Internet Map. Ninian Smart predicts global com... Image via Wikipedia

While it's…


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Digital Citizenship and Online Safety (a session facilitated by Nancy Groh)

Netsafe beta community space Image by hazelowendmc via…


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Engaged and motivated students: Learning Japanese

Chitose - VPD

Image by hazelowendmc via Flickr

I first 'met' Chitose Izuno online via Skype on March 9th 2010 as part of the…


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Technology: Helping with health and building community in the Far North of New Zealand

For every drawback that laid at the feet of technology (have a wee look at this video and the discussion that follows for a critique), there are examples of how people are using technology for positive purposes (see for example, the improvement of health care in Africa that harnesses the…


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Have traditional teaching methods outlived their usefulness? And how do children learn best?

Following close on the heels of Rachel Roberts' post on the Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) in New Zealand (see the comments for the latest updates), is this podcast from the BBC recommended by…


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Blended Learning reviewed in New Zealand

An article published in 2011 in the Computers in New Zealand Schools Journal, gave the details of a study that examined a teacher’s first implementation of online learning in a Learning Management System (LMS). The programme of learning was Home Economics, and the students and teacher are based in a New Zealand high school. The article, entitled…


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Working with learners who are on the Autistic Spectrum: Ideas and resources

If you are working with learners who are on the Autistic spectrum, or who have other special needs, or learning disabilities like dyscalculia, you may find these resources of interest.

The first is a blog site called Teacher Space (created by Sue King) where the focus is…


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E-learning: What can we learn from initiatives that are focussing on possible work-arounds rather than barriers?

Barriers are often thrown in place when eLearning is mentioned. Access, cost of owning a device, safety...the list goes on. However, when solutions are sought to issues, rather than accepting what may appear to be the insurmountable status quo, learners can take things way further than educators may imagine. Sugata Mitra (whose video is included at the end of this post) is one such person.…


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To steal or not to steal when you are an educator, here is the question... (Florence Lyons)

Florence Lyons shared the following post with another community that we are both members of. I was really impressed with the honesty and clarity of the post she points to...and found it very though provoking. You could read the post in conjunction with…


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Kura Kaupapa Māori using LAMS to help motivate and engage students

Robin Ohia (image provided by Robin)

Robin Ohia is one of the energetic, creative educators with whom I have been working with over the last few years, and this is an overview of some of the things he was working on in 2010 and 2011.

To provide a little bit of background around the project he is leading…


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