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OER: The quality vs credibility vs access vs pedagogy vs legitimacy vs money debate (Dave White)

The conversation around Open Educational Resources (OERs) , Copyright, Intellectual Property, fair use, and Creative Commons licensing is still rumbling along. The outcomes seems to be reasonably inevitable to me, with those organisations that distribute, for example music, using a system that is rooted in an now outmoded business model are looking at rather a sticky end - evolve or die as the saying goes.

A while ago …


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Moodle and/or Google user? Try these Moodle and Google 'how to' Tutorials

If you are a Google fan or Moodle user in any way, shape or form, you are going to find these resources from Claire Amos invaluable (she shared them here originally) - thanks, Claire.

She writes:

"Here are some links that you…

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Using 'magical questions' in coaching

Powerful questions are a cornerstone of coaching. These questions are sometimes called ‘magical’ because they can support a coachee to step around perceived barriers or familiar ways of thinking into a space where they are more creative. Their concrete context (i.e. resources, issues, etc) hasn’t changed, but the way the they are thinking can become more positive,…


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Suffering from email fatigue? Here are some strategies to help...

I found this article via  The Learning Wave Blog , drawn by the promise of strategies for stopping email overload. I consequently followed the link to The Harvard Business review to read the entire post.

I felt that Amy Gallo presented some great strategies - backed up with examples and case studies, as…


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"Future-oriented learning and teaching" report now online

Rachel Roberts cross-posted the resource below some time ago from the VLNC group. She writes "I am sure there will be…

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Chan Sook the Story of an ePortfolio: A scenario

This is a mindmap and hypothetical scenario that tells the story of Susie and her use of Web 2.0 tools to conduct research for her assignments. The mindmap: Susie Web 2.0 Research is designed to give an idea of the complex web of information, ideas, sharing, evaluation and analysis that can go on (in an ideal world) when the potential of the Web 2.0 is exploited fully.…


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The Best Government Social Media Guidelines So Far Come from New Zealand

This post was shared by Eddie Reisch 

by Andrea Di Maio 

I just browsed through two documents that were published by the New Zealand government:


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ELTS Speaking videos finalist in the 2017 ELTons Innovation Awards

If you are involved in English Language learning and teaching, especially if you are involved with IELTS, you are likely to have come across and used Pete Jones's superb videos and…


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