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Sustainable programme design: A guide to help institutions prepare for natural advance

Not wanting to be too depressing, but natural disasters can affect anyone, anywhere. It is a positive outcome of the earthquakes in Christchurch to see a practical guide being written that suggests how institutions can prepare for such disasters...before they happen.

About the project

The earthquake of 22 February 2011 required Christchurch…


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Effective coaching questions

Questions are part of our everyday lives, and it’s a challenge to communicate without them. If you have ever played those games where you have to communicate without any questions you know what a fundamental role they play. There are many types of questions, each of which has a different purpose, including (but not limited to) probing,…


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What is the difference between blogs, wikis, and discussion forums?

Screenshot of phpbb in use on a games forum.

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I was recently asked what the difference was between…


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Looking at student success through a cultural lens: Iwi and whānau speak

Melanie Riwai-Couch works tirelessly with iwi especially around iwi and whānau 'voice'.

Melanie is from a bicultural marriage at a time when it was unusual, and when her parents split, her father brought her up. Growing up with strong Māori roots gave her an interesting perspective on life. She lives and works in Ngāi Tahu, but does not claim Ngāa Tahu in her…


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