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Using reward contingencies in online activities to facilitate engagement in a statistics class

Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia opened suggests that engagement comprises the time, energy and resources that students devote to activities designed to enhance learning at university.

With statistics, the course and the knowledge-base is cumulative,…


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Developing relationships - the key to fostering online professional communities

I am sure that online communities, and your participation in them, will not be the silver bullet for all lifelong learning and professional development needs. I am convinced, however, that they provide an important piece of the puzzle.

Also, not all online communities are equally effective in providing a space for people with common interests to creatively, robustly and…


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Twitter analytics in R...and using Twitter in teaching

Lyndon Walker started this session by asking the questions who uses Twitter (nearly everyone), and who uses Twitter in their teaching (not many). He then moved on to look at different ways Twitter can be used in teaching starting with 'transmission' (e.g. reminders that appear via Blackboard directly to a student's Twitter feed), and others such as;

  • class…

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Data mining interactions in a 3D immersive environment for real-time feedback during simulated surgery

An illustration of the sources and data types ...
An illustration of the sources and data types…

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10 Tips to get your head around design - especially in the digital realm

Design is one of those areas that surrounds us - from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the ways we get around, and, of course, our interactions online. For anyone who is interested ... and would like to develop their design skills, the article 10 Tips to Teach…


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The power of the crowd: Online communities that help save you time

In the last couple of weeks I have been rather snowed under. So, it was wonderful to receive a couple of recommendations from John S. Oliver (thanks as always, John), who suggested I checked out the eMINTS National Center, and their associated blog, Networked Teaching & Learning. Browsing the blog, I was pleased to come across this gem that…


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