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Can you outsmart an identity thief?

I got a timely email from Jeff Grant fromComparitech (who provide some excellent comparative reviews of, for example, antivirus software), giving me the heads up that this week marks the 8th annual Data Privacy Day, an international effort to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal…


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Is this what the school of the future looks like?

There has been ongoing discussion of what a learning environment could, and should, look and feel like. Choice, comfort, flexibility, aesthetics, and acoustics are a few of the fundamental considerations for designing such a space.

So, it was really interesting to read the article about…


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The future is new - the future is now!

Wikisource logo, no text variant

Neil Selwyn…


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Amy Ling - Professional ePortfolio Scenario

This is a hypothetical scenario of a tertiary teacher developing a professional ePortfolio. To access the accompanying mindmap click here…


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Drama in the ESL classroom

Recommended by Richard Elliott in his eLearning Watch (which you can subscribe to here), Drama in the ESL…


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The Internet of Things (free e-book - review by Derek Wenmoth)

It's from a while back, but still massively relevant - so, if you are interested in where the connected world is heading then the e-book reviewed by Derek Wenmoth is likely to be something you might want to download and read. I watched the video embedded at the end of the post a while ago, and at the time the…


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Most important factors in mentoring: Findings and guidelines from an NZ study

I would say this is a very interesting resource if you are involved in, or interested in, mentoring. The findings from the research project are summarised below, and you can also purchase the guides that have been developed from the project via the Ako Aotearoa site.

The project summary reads (source):…


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A handy eight-category checklist for designing meaningful assessments

Assessment is an inextricable part of learning, and it can be something we do 'in the moment' ("hmmm, that was OK but I need to do X next time"), or it could be a high-stakes formal assessment designed and administered by an official organisation.

However, there is a real art to all types of assessment. For instance, with the in the moment example, the key here would then to decide…


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Infographic that shows you how to recognise and avoid phishing attacks

To read the article that accompanies this infographic, please click through to TechRepublic's "How to identify and avoid phishing attacks".…


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