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MOOCs - returning to questions of assessment and why we learn...

Massive open online courses (MOOCs), have been under discussion, and it seemed that in 2012 you couldn't escape the flurry of courses (free on the whole, although many provided with a for-profit model seemingly in mind further down the track).

There is also some controversy around…


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Learning Analytics 101: Leveraging Education Data (Infographic)

To access the full size infographic please click here.


An Infographic by Open…


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Do we need to make it more difficult to learn?

While I am not totally convinced about the argument in this post "The uses of difficulty" (recommended by @BeCyberwise), it certainly made me think. On the surface, it sounds like common sense - the more we are challenged, the more of our brain we use, and the more creative we become. I can…


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Sustainable learning through formative assessment

The ideal is to move from a teacher-centered to student-centered education. There can be a trap where people can fall into a technology-centered education (rather than technology-enabled). In her paper, Sustainable learning through formative online assessment: using…


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Don't just use your phone, program it! And there's robots as well...

There seems to be growing interest in opportunities to learn to code...but not just code, code for a reason as part of your own project or to, for example, make a robot perform a series of actions. 

Scratchpad is a new, Auckland-based venture (in which I'm involved in an advisory capacity) that is aiming to support people to…


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30 Surprising (possibly controversial) research findings about how young people learn

In November, just before the Christmas madness, Tess Pajaron dropped me an email to share an article that focuses on how people learn based on a range of research. The writer explores 30 approaches, each of them drawn from current research (which is linked to so you can explore more if you'd like).

Although I may be a little…


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Practical strategies to help you think deeply at work

Another gem from The Learning Wave blog, this article gives a brief overview of how we can make sure we can maximise our thinking. The article offers an insight into 'why' (how brains work), as well as…


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Lessons learned as a learner improve facilitation

Amy Raymond is a mentor of accounting students. She advises that traditional accounting is exciting for some, and not so much for others. It looks back at the past rather than the future. However, in a rapidly changing business environment, accounting is changing. Business is changing it focus from profit to sustainability. Sustainability is required to meet the needs of the…


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Reciprocity: Building partnerships in health and social work

There is significant diversity in the fields of social work, ranging from child youth and family to general health to social policy development and analysis. Field education is the “signature pedagogy” of social work (CSWE, cited in Peterson, 2010). This way of learning involves collaboration with others in the field, with a shared goal.



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