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Creative and Critical thinking: Creating space for innovation

Ewan McIntosh's session on Monday was so inspirational we rocked up 45 minutes early to ensure we have a seat for his second session today. The room is completely packed with people sitting on every available floor space, propping up the room at the back and around the sides, and standing outside the double doors craning their necks to see in. The place is a sea of mobile devices, and the…


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Radical Innovation for Learning (Simon Breakspear)

Simon Breakspear opened by saying that "that there is something about learning that is deeply personal". The challenges we face are worthy of our brightest minds and leadership. It has to be radical change, with a global perspective, that will enable us to explore the pressures and opportunities for systemic innovation in education systems in order to provide…


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The life of PII (Public Interest Index) – Harnessing the Tiger (Government)

Mai Chen, the keynote for day 3 of the ICOT conference, is an energetic, provocative professional, who, again, I have seen only on video previously.

Today she is speaking about thinking keeps you ahead of the wave, which includes

  • Nobel prize winner thinking
  • The power of being discriminated against
  • Throwing a rock at a tiger
  • Changing…

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The Problem Finders: Design Thinking for Genuine Epic-Scale Problem-Based Learning (Ewan McIntosh)

I have seen and heard Ewan McIntosh speaking on many occasions, but all on videos or podcasts, so I am really looking forward to seeing him live in this keynote session. The description of the session reads:Project-based learning…


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Latest version of Distance Education Association of NZ Magazine (DEANZ) is now available (Jan 2013)

The latest version of the DEANZ magazine celebrates the joint winners of the Poster Award from the 2012 conference. There are also some updates about DEANZ, news about the webinar programme, and some interesting articles about Web 2.0 in uptake in tertiary education, and Bring Your Own Device policies in schools. You can access the new edition of the DEANZ magazine from the…


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