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5 Easy Ways YOU Can Change the World

More people are doing more to deliberately change the world than ever before. They are creating jobs, building the economy, and circulating wealth in brand new ways that we can all learn from. Here are a two examples:

  • Australian Nick D’Aloisio began teaching himself to code on computers before he was 15 years old. He built a few small apps, but launched a major app called …

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7 Student Voice Reflection Activities

Creating a safe and supportive learning environment is vital to engaging student voice.

A great way to do that is through reflection. Reflection is a process of looking back on an experience and deciphering the meaning of it. This post shares some activities to foster that process.

7 Student Voice Reflection Activities

There are several activities facilitators can use to foster reflection on student…


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Cascading Leadership Among Students

There's a challenge faced by schools around the world. As educators continue to grasp the necessity and potential of student engagement in education, they're challenged to rethinking old models of how that happened. 

In the past decade of my work, I concerned myself with identifying radically different approaches to integrating students as partners…


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Student Voice Commitment Test

Are you really committed to engaging student voice?

If you're an educator, administrator, policymaker or adult ally to student voice anywhere throughout the education system, you need to check yourself. We all do.

When working with students as an ally, its important to keep the focus on them instead of shifting it from them to us as adults. We should not, must not and…


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Don't Let Students Be Misunderstood

Almost all educators are well-meaning in their intentions for students. We genuinely want students to get good jobs and have successful. They create activities and opportunities, programs and entire organizations that intend to promote students success, in ways that many adults define it: Future-oriented, success equates to having good educations, nuclear…


Added by Adam Fletcher on January 6, 2015 at 22:08 — 3 Comments

Truth Changes: 7 Ways the Future Will Be Different for Youth Today

Its a strange thing having spent 25 years of my life working with, for, and among young people, especially when I'm just inching up on 40 years old myself. One of the things this career has afforded me is perspective: With the long view in mind, I can see things differently than others who've been in and out of the work in small increments. But at my age, I'm not an old…


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Learning from Failure

In the United States there is a phenomenon called “failing schools.” The mainstream media here causes Americans to conjure up the worst images of these places: Crumbling ceilings, stacks of decrepit old books, and growling, ancient teachers. We see slouching, apathetic students who are hand-tied by their own intransigence, and indifferent parents who are incapable of raising…


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5 Ways to End Youth Disengagement

There are so many things that adults can do to end youth disengagement. For some reason, we’re just not ready to do them, despite solid research and strong examples from around the world. Recently, I shared “Six Reasons Youth Disengage“, even after all these years of interventions. However, there’s something we can all do about it.

If you’re an engaged educator, youth worker, parent, or…


Added by Adam Fletcher on June 5, 2014 at 16:30 — 2 Comments

Six Reasons Youth Disengage

After almost 15 years of consulting nonprofits, K-12 schools, and government agencies across the United States and Canada, last year I took a position coordinating a dropout prevention program in the Pacific Northwest. Hungry to examine a different support system for youth I wasn't familiar with, I chose this program because it supports young people…


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YOUR Capacity to Improve Schools

There are a lot of people who want to change education. However, many get frustrated because they don't know what it takes.

After more than a decade of teaching people around the world how to do itI've decided to share this list of key skills, abilities, knowledge, and dispositions necessary to improve education today. They're what has…


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Praising Student Voice

There should never, ever be a grade, score, or test for student voice.

Reading over a recent report, the researchers suggested a measurement for student voice that accounted for participation and engagement, as well as depth and awareness. I was appalled, if only because of the asinine assumption that there is any student ever who hasn't shared their voice about schools. That is simply not true.

ANY and EVERY expression of a student about school, learning, or…


Added by Adam Fletcher on December 10, 2013 at 13:17 — 1 Comment

Four Simple Steps to Promote Student Voice in Schools

How to Promote Student Voice in Education

1) Share Student Voice.

  • Talk with your principal or headmaster, school board members, and other decision-makers throughout your school system.
  • Build support by talking to staff members in your school about student voice.
  • Teach students…

Added by Adam Fletcher on November 24, 2013 at 7:00 — 2 Comments

Adult-Driven Student Voice

Student Voice is any expression of any learner anywhere, all the time, about anything related to learning, schools, and education. It doesn't depend on adult approval, it doesn't need specific spaces or energies, and is always present wherever students are. The question generally is whether adults in education want to hear what's being said.

If a student is talking in front of a group sharing their beliefs or experience, ideas or knowledge, they're sharing student voice. The same can…


Added by Adam Fletcher on November 12, 2013 at 18:30 — 2 Comments

New Roles for Students in Schools

There are many roles in democracy-building by students. Following are several different opportunities for student to learn through action. When they're engaged in changing schools, students can be meaningfully involved in many ways.

The most important thing when engaging students in any role in school is to acknowledge their first duty: Learning. Their learning is paramount to being meaningfully involved throughout schools. Learning through meaningful student…


Added by Adam Fletcher on September 30, 2013 at 12:30 — 2 Comments

Student Voice through Partnerships

A student/adult partnership is a conscious relationship between learners and adults in schools that establishes and sustains equitable interactions, attitudes, and cultures within schools. Forming student/adult partnerships has been key to many successful…


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3 Secrets of Educators

As educators who work with students every single day, we have our secrets. They're not true for every adult, and being able to admit them takes courage, especially when we admit them to other adults we work with.

In my new book, Ending Discrimination Against Young PeopleI explore the need to create safe spaces for honest conversations among educators who work with students, no matter what their role…

Added by Adam Fletcher on September 19, 2013 at 10:46 — 3 Comments

Accidental Discrimination?

In our school cultures, a lot of lip service can be paid towards racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination. However, little is made of a very real form of discrimination that is undermining a lot of well-meaning educators' work with students today. This discrimination is called adultism.


In my new book, Ending Discrimination Against Young People, I define adultism in three ways: 

  • Bias towards adults;
  • Discrimination against…

Added by Adam Fletcher on September 8, 2013 at 4:16 — 1 Comment

On Student Empowerment

When I write the phrase "student empowerment", I'm talking about students of all ages, including very young leaders and very old learners.

A long time ago, I wrote this definition of student empowerment: "Student empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process in schools whereby students gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own…


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The Meaninglessness of Students as Blank Slates

"Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat."
—Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man.

Within the boundaries of the education system there are a thousand purposes for its existence. Some people insist on the purpose of schools being to…


Added by Adam Fletcher on August 30, 2013 at 7:00 — 4 Comments

Guidelines for Meaningful Student Involvement

Student voice is any expression of any learner anywhere about anything related to education.

Student voice is present throughout schools all of the time. Its the sound of students sharing their life experiences during class and the passion of students speaking at school board meetings. Its the friendships in the school lunchroom and the noise of the playground. Its also the bullies bullying and students texting answers back-and-forth illicitly during a test. All of this is student…


Added by Adam Fletcher on August 27, 2013 at 13:39 — 4 Comments

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