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Finding a moment of peace

We all have good intentions when it comes to establishing balance in our lives and looking after our health and wellbeing, whether it be going to the gym, reading a book, spending time out with loved ones or just being still. However it doesn’t take long for reality to kick in and the curse known as busyness to take control again. When this happens, our bodies get stuck in the fight or flight space, and the hormones that keep everything tickety-boo, are having…


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Untapped Potential

As a big believer in strength based approaches to living and working, I decided to catch up with a bit of 'light' reading and took a wee peek at the Gallup 'State Of The Global Workplace'Executive Summary. 

As with similar reports, it beings with an overview of the lay of the land, talking about how we are in a stage of unprecedented change caused by the increase in:

  • digitisation and…

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Brain Overload- How We Can Help Our Minds in Busy Times

Our brains are amazing organs that allows us to sort, organise and build information in such a way that makes planning and doing things easy.

However, even this incredible system needs a bit of TLC from time to time. If we don’t give ourselves time to close one box before we open another, then things can get mixed up, misinterpreted and even lost. If this continues, we…


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The danger of a single story

We all are guilty of making assumptions and draw conclusion based on first impressions or partial pieces of information. However, this video, encourages us to stop, think and consider the need for multiple perspectives or stories to develop a well round understanding of the world and situations around us. 

As you watch the video, consider how this might impact on your own interactions with others and the world around you:…


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The contribution of teacher effectiveness maps and the TACTICS framework to teacher leader professional learning

Over 12 months ago, whilst still in the classroom, I had the opportunity to co-author a research publication around the role of Teaching as Inquiry and how to support teachers in structuring their in class research and learnings. Finally it has arrived and I wanted to share this piece of work with you all.


Improving the quality of learning outcomes for…


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The F bomb of education!

Bringing positive disruption to education is my passion and inspired by Jane Gilbert,  this post is all about exposing the use of those seemingly harmless words in education that we seem to throw around willy nilly without a true understanding for what they mean and how to achieve them effectively. And guess what just by saying these words doesn’t bring about the disruption we need in education. All it does is put a label on a process that we are already doing or…


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Tackling the Four Horsemen of Fixed Mindset

I am an interesting character when it comes to CHANGE. In my personal life I am the type of person who you are likely to be found cowering under the table (with my head firmly buried in the sand) hoping that the Chhhhhhange will just disappear if I avoid it. However, in my professional life, I am riding the 20ft wave of change and transformation. Now this is something that has puzzled me for many years and I think that I may have finally stumbled across the reason why- it all comes…


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The Concept of Purposeful Learning

Purposeful Learning Spaces in a Nutshell


We talk about MLE and ILEs but, time and time again the first things people jump to usually include (and in no particular order) ‘Massive space’, “Noise’, ‘Lots of people’, ‘Busy’, ‘Free-range Learning’ and the reality is that you can spout off research and examples etc until you are blue in the face but the end result is usually the same: the eyes of our audience would…


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Agency and Culturally Proficient Practice

On my journey to discover the true meaning of agency and the use of it in education, I have taken a slight, but highly important detour into cultural responsive and proficient practice. A person's culture forms an extremely significant part of who they are and how they interact with day to day life. This being said, surely in makes sense that through acknowledging and respecting a person's culture leads to engagement and success in education? For this reason, it is not only necessary but…


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Agency: What does it really mean

About 2 months ago, I attended a hui in Auckland, with a very articulate speaker who looked at the term agency (from a non- educational perspective) and once again it got my rusty brain cogs whirling. We hear the term 'agency' all the time in school- say our children have a voice, yes they have agency.....but do we as professionals really know what it means?

I then started exploring and stumbled across this great TEDXyouth talk about choice and voice and this started to help to…


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