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VLN Primary Online Programmes 2018

Just keeping you all updated in what is coming up for learners in the VLN Primary in 2018. Please share!

Registrations are invited from schools wishing to participate in the VLN Primary School in 2018.

There are a wide range of…


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What's new online learning in NZ primary schools

Here is our latest newsletter:

Kia ora koutou katoa

Naumai, haere mai ki te Kura Tuatahi - Akonga Aka Mariko. Welcome to the VLN Primary School

Our goal is to:

Create Connected, Passionate, Purposeful Learners

Welcome back to Term four.  A busy time for our rural schools with Calf & Lamb Day season in full swing. I am enjoying all the pictures from…


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CoOLs - Communities of Online Learning - A double edged sword?

Crossposted from BardWired

Tomorrow the report from the Education and Science Select Committee, who are looking at Education (Update) Amendment Bill, is due. There are a raft of changes proposed in this bill, though the part that is most of interest to me is Part 3A -…


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VLN Primary Teachers Share their Tips for Teaching Online

Last week we had a PLD day with our Asian Language teacher group. This was a time to come together as a team and share our experiences, explore new strategies and resources and prepare for the year ahead. Ideas are bounced around, examples of what works well, & challenges are…


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Looking for a Super Virtual School Secretary!

Every good school is run by a super awesome secretary and I know lots of them out in our schools. The VLN Primary is looking the right person to join our team in 2017 in a part-time Executive Officer role.  

This position is for 15…


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VLN Primary School - August Update

Well i have already sent out this newsletter & then i realised it's not quite August yet - oh well :)

I hope you enjoy our latest edition, you can find our previous newsletters here.

Kia ora koutou katoa

Naumai, haere mai ki te Kura Tuatahi - Akonga Aka Mariko.Welcome to the VLN Primary School

Our goal is…


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Experts in K-12 online and blended education - Reviewers Wanted

Sharing this request from a colleague, please contact Jason if you can contribute:

'My name is Jason Siko, and I’m currently an assistant professor of educational technology at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.  My research interests included K-12 online and blended learning.  I am looking for teachers, administrators, and researchers to review a series of modules that promote readiness skills in online…


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See, Think, Make, Imagine!

Cross posted from BardWired

I was very excited to hear from Emma Sherie from the West Coast who, while currently on sabbatical and studying for her Masters, has volunteered to teach with us. Yes a word we don't hear so much in this busy day and age VOLUNTEER - 'a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.'

I was very impressed with Emma's attitude in stepping up to the challenge to further her knowledge and experience in becoming an…


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2014 the Year of the Webinar

I don't know how NZ stacks up with the rest of the world in webinar participation but it feels like our teachers and the educational community in general are finally starting to 'get it' that they can connect with each other virtually and still have a quality professional learning experience.

We have been encouraging the educational community for some years to come into the virtual space so that our teachers can have access to…


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Investing in Educational Success - Systems change in the making?

Crossposted from  This is an initiative that i really think NZ educational community should be making their voices heard on as it is potentially the next biggest schooling system change since 'Tomorrow's Schools'! What are your thoughts?

Last week this Working…


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Virtual Learning Network Community - Online learning K1-12 NZ


Note from Hazel: This post originally appeared in 2011, but still remains extremely relevant as the Virtual Learning Network grows, as does the interest in virtual learning opportunities.

The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) is an association of schools and…


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Learning to Teach Online - Resource Site

Crossposted from VPLD

I haven't explored this site (Learning to Teach Online) thoroughly yet but it looks like it would be an awesome resource for all things about Learning & Teaching online.

Here is the blurb:…


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A Year in Review - VLN Primary School

2013 has been an eventful year for the VLN Primary School. Our students have had some awesome learning opportunities throughout the year, they have become more confident in new learning environments, developed skills in self-management, collaboration & creativity, made new friends and prepared themselves for new challenges ahead.

Thank you to all the wonderful eTeachers, school support, whanau & community partners and Ministry of Education who have enabled…


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Cracking Adobe Connect

Finally i have worked out how to enable my students to be more active participants in our Adobe classroom without having to promote them with permissions that will allow them to ‘accidentally’ muck around with layouts & settings etc.

The secret is to assign individuals enhanced rights to only certain areas within the Adobe classroom – these can be turned on…


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