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Towards a multiversity: A keynote session with Professor Paul Bacsich

Although Ed Flagg passed away, his erudite posts are still part of the online world of learning. As such, I would like to share another gem of his from the archive.

Professor Paul…


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How far back does ICT-style identity construction go? Eons, perhaps...

This is a post that was written by the wonderful Ed Flagg before he passed away. His recommendation remains valuable as do the questions he poses, so I am sharing it again - hope you enjoy. Hazel

Here is an interesting excerpt from an interview with Melvin Konner, a professor in the departments of anthropology and of neuroscience and behavioral biology at Emory University, USA. His latest book,…


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The Six Dimensions of Your Development


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Extra! Extra! Digital Immigrant goes Native! A personal reflection

The author, surveying a new land


In August 2008, Ed came to work in Auckland and found myself amongst several new colleagues, one of whom was, well, let's just call her Hazel.

OK, it's Hazel.

She introduced me to this new, odd-sounding model of…


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The Six Dimensions of Your Power

Developing and managing your personal and professional power is critical if you are to make the most of the opportunities that come your way; more importantly, creating our own opportunities requires us to have an elegant understanding of the knowledge and skills that we wield, as well as the values that give our lives purpose and meaning.…


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The Learner’s Practice

We all are familiar with the four competencies of the teacher’s practice, and that we should develop our practice so that we are creating the best opportunities for learners to become engaged and then successful in their practice of…


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'E-Learning' Report Shows Online Professional Development Aids Teachers and Students

Shared in the ScienceDaily "English and math teachers who took professional development courses online improved

their instructional practices and boosted their subject knowledge scores, producing modest performance gains for their students, report Boston College researchers in one of the first large-scale randomized experiments to study the…


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The iPhone - a toy, or an essential part of who we are?

Stanford researcher Tanya Luhrmann says, "My anthropology class studied the gadget's use on campus and uncovered anxiety, addiction and gushing love."

In what ways do Wireless Mobile Devices like iPhones become extensions to ourselves? How do they shape our habits? Our outlook? Our identities? What does this imply about the way we might use them as a tool for…


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The Studio School: Cooperative education and student engagement

As we all have had the chance to learn by having read this blog post on NZACE, cooperative education has enormous benefits for employers, students and schools.

Cooperative education has been around for some time, but in the last few years in the UK. a small band of educators has taken it further.

Faced with a…


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Don't Depend on Moodle to Build Social Capital

Moodle and other course management systems may be fine for some purposes, but don't depend on it to build social capital on the classroom, according to this research by the Lab for Social Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology. "The results indicate that the educational use of social media may not counteract poor social connections that are seen in face-to-face communication or elicit the same impacts seen in…


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