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A confession, a smartphone, and a te reo Māori Language App

English: Samsung Galaxy A confession...a few years ago I bought my first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy), and I have found it really useful. I must admit, until the point where I had my very own smartphone...and for probably the first couple of weeks while I shifted my mindset, I couldn't see what all the fuss…


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App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers With Autism - what are learners already doing?

The article, App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers With Autism, was shared by Patrick Pink (here). Patrick explains that the article "gives some app ideas around language and assisting…


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Changing culture of learning: Mobility, Informality, and connectivity - mLearning re-framed

To teach is to learn
Kwok-Wing Lai is a professor of education at the University of Otago, and I remember reading one of his books when I first started being interested in eLearning about 15 years ago. Kwok-wing refers frequently to knowledge, skills and soft-skills that…

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Harnessing the Smartphone Revolution

Picture of Nokia 770 on Finnish Wikipedia Image via…


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From the eLearning Watch: Emerging Practice in a Digital Age & mLearning InfoKit

Richard Elliott has a wonderful resource that he labours every month called the eLearning Watch (which you can subscribe to here), in which he selects a range of emerging trends,…


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Taking it mobile: The mobile learning portal

The advent of the printed word, as well as more recent innovations such as television have challenged educators through the ages to ensure their approach is relevant to students and the world they are going to inhabit. It might be argued that print it portable. However, it is the cross-contextual way of communicating and interacting that surely must…


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What are your young teens (really) doing online? An invitation to share

Created by the wonderful team at CyberWise, is the video What Kids Are (Really) Doing Online. The team say "if you find yourself wondering what they're doing in this new digital world (where, incidentally, they spend more time…


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Framing mobile learning from the perspective of learners’ experiences

Mobile learning has been around as a concept for quite a while, as something that involves "any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies" (MOBIlearn, 2003). Interestingly, even though ostensibly in this definition, the…


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Equipping lecturers for the iRevolution: iPads in action

English: iPad tablet Image via WikipediaJames…


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Slideshare now works seamlessly on all mobile devices!!

As a keen user and producer of Slideshare and Slidescasts I was really pleased to hear that they have shifted to HTML5 and so they are now accessible on mobile devices!


The original post that (by Jon on September 27, 2011) announced the move and its implications is produced in…


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